The Vong

The Vong
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DynaVap The Vong 2021 manual vaporizer for drying We are proud to present the latest version of the manual dry vaporizer from the American manufacturer DynaVap. The Vong 2021 - made of titanium and wood. It has a mouthpiece with a diameter of 14 mm that can be combined with any adapter for a water pipe with a cut of 14.5 mm. Length: 92 mm
DynaVap The Vong Titanium... DynaVap The Vong Titanium... 2
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DynaVap The Vong Titanium 2022 - manual titanium vaporizer The Vong 2022 - The latest version of the iconic DynaVap VapCap vaporizer.Made entirely of titanium.It has a removable middle part (body), which makes cleaning very easy.The vaporizer is heated by a flame from a burner or an induction heater.Length: 92 mm
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