The term vaporization comes from the English language (vaporize) and means to vaporize. It describes a smokeless method of inhaling with a vaporizer. There is no combustion during vaporization - the herbs inside the vaporizer are heated up. Thanks to this, we get the maximum of active substances from the dried fruit without tar that appears during smoking. Vaporization is a healthy alternative to traditional smoking. It is recommended not only for recreational purposes, but also for medical purposes. In recent years, this inhalation method has gained great popularity, and therefore the interest in vaporizers has also increased. To meet the needs of our customers, we offer them a wide selection of these modern devices. We offer vaporizers made by the best and most trusted brands. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our range!


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Magic Flight SILVER Battery Pack Magic Flight SILVER Battery Pack 2
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Accessories and spare parts
Original Magic Flight rechargeable battery pack with covers. Improved new batteries last for 2-3 full sessions. -2400mAh
Bongo adapter for Boundless CFX and CF vaporizers
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Accessories and spare parts
Universal bongo adapter for Boundless CFX and CF vaporizers. Even better filtration thanks to combining your favorite Boundless vaporizer with a bong.
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