The scale is a device that is not only useful in the bathroom or kitchen. Precise and professional herb scale is also a very popular equipment used by tobacco and herbal smokers. It allows you to measure the ideal proportions while creating a mixture of with an accuracy of a hundredth of a gram. Sometimes even a slight difference in weight can cause the proportions to be disturbed, thus affecting the flavor of the mixture. Therefore, in our Vaporshop store, among many professional smoking accessories, there was also a category in which you can find various types of scales and measuring and measuring instruments. All these products will ensure full precision and professionalism when making herbal mixtures yourself at home.


Electronic Dry Scales. Precise, Handy -
USA Weight Atlanta digital...
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USA Weight Atlanta digital scale 100 g / 0.01 g Original digital scale USA Weight model Atlanta.Designed for herbs, medicines, and valuable items such as gold, silver.Maximum capacity: 100 g Measurement accuracy: 0.01 g
Electronic scale... Electronic scale... 2
Electronic scale Tuff-Weight BLscale 0.1 g 1000 g Tuff-Weight digital scale with a maximum capacity of 1000 g. p> Measurement accuracy: 0.1 g It has an impact resistant housing with rubber grips and a removable lid. The lid can also be used as a tray.
Electronic scale USA Weight Las Vegas 200 g 0.01 g
Electronic scale USA Weight Las Vegas 200 g 0.01 g h3>Electronic herb scale USA Weight Las Vegas. Intended for non-professional use/ p>Load: 200 g Measurement accuracy: 0.01 g
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