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Smoking dried plants, , concentrates and bong waxes is a very old method that still has a wide group of supporters. Its main advantage is water filtration. Smoking from a bong is a healthier alternative to a cigarette or a joint. A fully equipped bong consists of several essential elements: a mouthpiece, chamber, bowl, clutch and a jug. Sitka to bong, which you will find various types of store, the accessories, without which there is no high value-smoking dried. The main task of the strainer, which is mounted in the bowl, is to prevent the roasted herbal mixture from entering the bong.

What bong strainers can you find in our offer? First of all, they are articles of well-known and respected producers who care about the highest quality of their products. These screens combine a high standard of workmanship and the materials used, and above all, they are perfect for their role. They serve for a long time, which is the best information for those looking for durable bong accessories. If you decide on the range available in our offer, you will surely be satisfied.

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Universal strainer for bongs or Black Leaf tubes
Universal strainer for bongs or Black Leaf tubes A multifunctional Black Leaf bong or barrel strainer. Thanks to it, you can perfectly match the amount of charge in your water pipe or barrel. Made of metal. Finished with a stable border that makes it easy to hold. 5 pcs. In the package.
Removable strainer for the... Removable strainer for the... 2
Removable strainer for the bowl of the Glass Flower Screen bong Removable pipe bowl strainer in the form of a flower with a handle. Made of glass in various colors. It has 5 branches (petals) and a small handle. Strainer diameter: 4 mm
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