RAW Black Organic Hemp KS Slim BOX tissue papers RAW Black Organic Hemp KS Slim BOX tissue papers 2
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Whole packs of tissue paper
RAW Black Organic Hemp KS Slim BOX tissue papers RAW Black Organic Hemp King Size Slim.Multipack - BOX containing 50 packs of tissue papers.Made of natural hemp fibers. The glue strip used in the blanks comes from organic acacia tree gum arabic.1 package contains 32 bioble leaves.
Arizer Air Max - Dry vaporizer with a replaceable battery Arizer Air Max - Dry vaporizer with a replaceable battery 2
  • New product
Arizer Air Max - Dry vaporizer with a replaceable battery The latest work of the Canadian manufacturer Arizer.Arizer Air Max vaporizer with a replaceable battery and full temperature control to a degree.Rechargeable USB-C with a ceramic heating system.The successor to the world-renowned Arizer Air 2 vaporizer.
Rolling tray RAW Camouflage MINI 12.5 x 18 cm
  • New product
Rolling tray RAW Camouflage MINI 12.5 x 18 cm RAW Camouflage Mini joint tray.Made of metal.It has raised edges that prevent drought from spilling out when turning.In the middle there is a large RAW logo in red.
RAW Baseball Cap with compartment and BLACK tamper RAW Baseball Cap with compartment and BLACK tamper 2
  • New product
RAW Baseball Cap with compartment and BLACK tamper Black RAW Poker Hat with black RAW lettering.Made of 100% cotton.Inside the cap there is a specially designed zip pocket and a compartment with a tamper.The rammer is made of bamboo wood.
RAW Skate Deck joint tray GRAFITTI design
  • New product
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RAW Skate Deck joint tray GRAFITTI design The RAW joint tray looks like a skateboard.Made of metal.It has raised edges that prevent the drought from spilling out when turning.Tray dimensions: 42.5 x 15.5 x 4.7 cm
RAW Regal windproof metal ashtray RAW Regal windproof metal ashtray 2
  • New product
RAW Regal windproof metal ashtray RAW Regal ashtray with a unique design that protects against wind.Provided with 9 places where you can put a joint on it and save it for later.Made of metal.


The offer of the Vaporshop online store is the best quality bongs , coming from proven and respected producers. Our hookah online shop provides the best products on the market, even for the most demanding customers. Our offer includes glass, acrylic and portable bongs - in many different shapes and colors.

Selected bongs in our offer

Filter bongs are bongs equipped with percolators and diffusers that filter and cool the smoke in an advanced way. We have a large selection of bongs in various sizes and designs, everyone will find something for themselves.

Portable vaporizers are a real hit on the market. Our offer includes vaporizers from brands such as PAX, Storz & Bickel, Arizer or Firefly. We invite you to check the full offer in this category.

The dry grinder is an indispensable gadget for every vaporization enthusiast. In our store's offer you will find grinders made of metal, wood, acrylic as well as grinder cards that will fit in your wallet.

A wide selection of tissue papers, we offer sheets of the best producers, including OCB, RAW or Juicy Jays. In addition, we have convenient twisted sheets and filters.

Why is it worth choosing Vaporshop?

We have been operating on the market of vaporizers and smoking accessories since 2013. Our store was created out of a real passion for the subject we deal with. We are constantly learning and carefully observing the latest innovations in the world of vaporization to introduce them to the Polish market as soon as possible. Our goal is to constantly develop and maintain the highest quality of the presented assortment, through appropriate selection and constant control. In addition, we have highly qualified staff who know literally everything about vaporization. Let it be a sufficient advertisement that we test each equipment that appears in our store on our own skin;) Therefore, it is easy for us to play the role of a customer and objectively advise which device will be the best for your needs. We are available - simply! And we will always answer all your questions with great patience and understanding.

What makes us stand out?

First of all, we are the only stationary store in the district with such a large selection of vaporizers and smoking accessories, available on-site, immediately. Each product presented on our website is also available in our stationary store. With us you can see each vaporizer carefully, compare it with other equipment and most importantly touch and feel the device in your hand. All this in fast and direct mode, without having to wait for the shipment! What's more, both in the online store (telephone contact or chat) and in the stationary store, we provide you with the highest quality services and professional advice from our staff. We know what we do, and this work is a pleasure for us, which is why we are open to any suggestions and always willing to help.

Do we have an offer for companies?

Yes, we have a wholesale offer for companies. It applies to all products available on our online store. All you need to do is contact our service department by phone or e-mail to verify the company's data. Then, after accepting the data, a "company account" is created, thanks to which you can easily and conveniently place an order. We are the exclusive distributor of PAX in Poland and distributors of such brands as: Magic Flight, Storz & Bickel, V - Syndicate. You can negotiate the best prices with us!

At Vaporshop.pl, we offer the highest quality accessories for inhaling herbs. Our offer includes modern vaporizers that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. In addition, our smoking store also offers tissue paper, grinders, bongs, herbs, CBD oils and other articles. Vaporshop.pl is a place created with passion. We know what we do and therefore we are able to offer our customers only the best products that we would reach for ourselves. We monitor the market on an ongoing basis and try to regularly introduce interesting new products to our range. Certainly, every lover of plant droughts will find here proposals that will appeal to him.

Vaporshop.pl - the best vaporizers for everyone

Vaporshop.pl has been operating on the market since 2013. Our shop with smoking accessories is distinguished above all by its competent and helpful staff. We approach each client individually and always try to propose a solution that will meet the needs of a specific person. In addition, we offer a really wide range of products. Most of them are available immediately, and the entire range can also be tested in our stationary store. Our offer is directed not only to individual customers, but also to companies for which we have prepared the possibility of purchasing goods in bulk. Vaporizers are very modern devices that have become more and more popular in recent years. Their advantages include the fact that the steam extracted from them is tar-free - so this method of inhalation is much friendlier to the body than the combustion process. In addition, the vaporizer increases the flavor of the dried fruit. To sum up, the basic advantages of vaporizers are: safety, efficiency and attractive taste. These devices can be used for both recreational and medical purposes.

Are you looking for a vaporizer for yourself? Choose one of the products available in our offer

Our shop for smokers' accessories offers both stationary (for home use) and portable vaporizers. We also offer spare parts for individual models. Our assortment includes devices from such well-known and respected brands as, for example, Storz & Bickel, ARIZER, Boundless, Da Vinci, Pax or DynaVap. We offer a wide range of prices and models, so that each customer can buy a vaporizer for themselves. Individual devices are equipped with various functionalities, such as temperature control, the ability to use the vaporizer while charging, display or automatic shutdown. To make it easier for our customers to find the best models for them, we provide the option of filtering products. We also encourage you to read the other articles available in our assortment. Certainly, every enthusiast of plant droughts will find many interesting propositions for themselves.

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