PAX 2 - original spare parts

Do you often feel like vaping, but large devices don't allow it to be discreetly? Choose a portable PAX 2 vaporizer, which is small, elegant and, most of all, unobtrusive. It will fit anywhere so that you can always have it with you. At first glance, you can see its simple, yet classic design.

The use of this model is uncomplicated, which is most beneficial for people who are just starting their adventure with vaping. The mouthpiece with the sensor turns on the heating system only when the vaporizer is actually used - it saves a lot of energy and plant material. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with this vaporizer.


Portable PAX 2 Vaporizers (PAX Labs Inc.)
PAX 2 vaporizer for plant material (PAX Labs Inc.) PAX 2 vaporizer for plant material (PAX Labs Inc.) 2
PAX vaporizer 2 It is characterized by high quality of the materials used, compact design, efficiency, the ability to regulate the vaporization temperature and, above all, simplicity of use. The product is available with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty (PAX Labs Inc.).
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