Chillum tube adapters

A water pipe, or bong, is a method of smoking dried plants known for centuries. It is considered the healthiest method for a reason. Bongo is a water filter that removes any toxic substances formed during the smoking of . While the bong is already a filter in itself, it can be improved to give the lungs even more tar protection. Chillum tube adapters are used for this purpose, i.e. products from the presented category. They guarantee a smoke that is gentle on the respiratory tract and does not irritate the throat.

The most advanced chillum tube adapters are equipped with special diffusers. They are used to cool the smoke, and in combination with the attachments, they are ideal solutions for a bong that needs to be improved in terms of filtration. Remember that even your old favorite hookah, thanks to the multitude of chillum tubes, can be turned into a filtered bong without spending money on a new model.

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Chillum pipes for bongs, hookah adapters
Double-sided bong adapter Black Leaf cut 14.5 and 18.8 mm
Double-sided Adapter for Black Leaf bong with 14.5 mm and 18.8 mm cut.A simple, double-sided bong adapter with a cut of 14.5 mm on one side and 18.8 mm on the other.Made of borosilicate glass. p>Black Leaf logo by the neck.
Black Leaf adapter for a 14.5 mm bong
A simple, double-sided Black Leaf adapter for a 14.5 mm bong. Simple, glass adapter for a water pipe with a cut of 14.5 mm. Made of borosilicate glass, resistant to high temperatures/ p> Transparent color. Black Leaf logo on the neck.
Pipe with a water pipe...
Pipe with a water pipe diffuser 24mm / 14.5mmOriginal bong pipe with a diffuser finish/ span>Provides additional filtration. It cools the smoke/ span>24mm / 14.5mm grinding
Adapter for bong with a...
Adapter for bong with diffuser Black Leaf cut 18.8 mm length 140 mm strong>Additional, replaceable Black Leaf bong adapter.Equipped with a diffuser that filters the smoke through the water. The diffuser makes the smoke softer on the throat and less tar passes into the lungs. Length: 140 mm Cut: 18.8 mm
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