Cleaning brushes

A coating has deposited on the walls of your bong, and the stem, tube, tube and mouthpiece have long ceased to be transparent? The moment has come when you need to start washing the equipment. The bong cleaning brushes, the so-called bongs, are perfect for this purpose. rods of various lengths and special cleaning preparations that you can find in our store. For the sake of your health and due to our experience in the subject, we advise you to regularly clean all elements of the bong and treat this activity like washing dishes every day.

Bongs , hookahs and pipes are devices that are usually used in groups, i.e. by many users, each of whom carries bacteria. So it's no surprise that they build up on equipment during a relaxation session. Bacteria are very easy to transfer and multiply, and hence it is not far from disease. Can the bong cleaning brushes solve the problem? Using them will surely prevent the formation of a coating on the walls of the bong and its elements, which can be a base for many bacteria.

Bongo Cleaning Brushes -
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Cleaning brushes

Tumbler 420VAPE metal poker

Tumbler 420VAPE metal poker Drought poker 420VAPE. Made of metal. It allows you to whip and pick out the used herbs from a bong or a vaporizer. Perfect for DynaVap.
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