The brand's portable vaporizers differ depending on the model. All of them, however, provide us with long-term operation, long life and amazing taste sensations. These are models with convection heating, which guarantees a very clear taste without any admixtures. The vaporization is very even. Our satisfaction increases significantly with the release of thick, white clouds of smoke.

Each model has a durable and powerful battery, thanks to which sessions can be even longer and more satisfying. In this category, we especially recommend the Fenix Mini model - with a convection heating system, charged with a USB cable, easy operation, mini size at a very affordable price (PLN 449).

Portable FENIX vaporizers
Fenix ​​Titanium A portable vaporizer for herbs with a titanium heating chamber Fenix ​​Titanium A portable vaporizer for herbs with a titanium heating chamber 2
  • -zł21.00
  • New
Fenix ​​Titanium A portable vaporizer for herbs with a titanium heating chamber 420VAPE proudly presents a novelty on the market of portable vaporization devices. Fenix ​​Titanium - a vaporizer for herbs with a titanium heating chamber. Compact design, wide temperature range (138-220 ° C) allowing for inhalation of CBD and herbs that require low...
Fenix mini + 5g CBD dry +...
  • Pack
FENIX MINI A portable vaporizer for herbs, oils and waxes in a set with CBD 5g Amnesia and a grinder.
Set - Fenix mini + Glass mouthpiece
  • Pack
Set - Fenix Mini vaporizer + glass mouthpieceThe Fenix Mini vaporizer comes with a curved glass mouthpiece.The mouthpiece has a curved shape that is comfortable to use. It cools down the steam. It improves the quality of vaporization.
Set - Fenix Mini + 1g CBD +...
  • Pack
Fenix Mini set + 1g CBD + Mouthpiece + herbs 3x10 g h2> Vaporization kit which includes: Fenix Mini Dry Vaporizer CBD dry 1 g Glass cooling mouthpiece 3 Packaging of herbs for vaporization: plantain lanceolate 10 g Green tea with Yerba Mate 10 g, Sage 10 g
Fenix Pro Vaporizer... Fenix Pro Vaporizer... 2
1 Reviews
Fenix Pro Vaporizer convection for dryingThe latest creation from the Fenix product stable. Fenix Pro vaporizer with the patented, latest ECA convection heating technology. It combines high heating power with a compact, small size.It has full temperature control in the range of 160 ° - 221 ° C and an elegant OLED display.
Smono 3.4 convection vaporizer for dry, oils and waxes Smono 3.4 convection vaporizer for dry, oils and waxes 2
Smono 3.4 convection vaporizer for dry, oils and waxes Portable Smono 3.4 vaporizer with convection heating system/ span>It has full temperature control in the range: 170 - 230 C °. Equipped with a glass mouthpiece and a chamber for herbs made of stainless steel. Rechargeable micro USB. It allows you to vaporize waxes and oils thanks to an additional...
fenix 2.0 vaporizer fenix 2.0 vaporizer 2
1 Reviews
Fenix 2.0 Convection Portable Vaporizer h4>The latest, improved version of Fenix Vaporizer - known and liked by all vaporization users. It has a new, patented AIR HEATING® convection heating technology, a large display and a fully isolated steam path channel. Onheats up in 30 sec.Strong, noteworthy proposition from FENIX! p>
FENIX Mini Vaporizer is a... FENIX Mini Vaporizer is a... 2
Fenix Mini Convection Portable Vaporizer h3> Discreet, in the palm of your hand, charged with a USB cable. It has a full range of temperature selection. Fenix Mini is made of high-quality materials, which ensures pure taste. An ideal proposition for people looking for an effective, but small portable device.
Set - Fenix Mini + Volcano... Set - Fenix Mini + Volcano... 2
  • Pack
Set - Fenix Mini + Volcano Grinder + Bubbler 420VAPE h3>The set includes: Fenix Mini vaporizer, Volcano grinder and glass Bubbler 420VAPE. Everything you need for vaporization in a convenient set.Grinder ensures quick grinding of dried material.Bubbler is responsible for cooling and filtration of steam.
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