An innovative vaporizer equipped with two sensory sensors, the operation of which can be regulated using a special application. The dried fruit is heated only when we actually use the device, which saves material and energy. Borosilicate glass, from which the main cable was made, is resistant to high temperatures - its structure does not undergo thermal expansion.

The battery of FIREFLY 2 portable vaporizers. When fully charged, you can spend up to six vaping sessions. Freedom of adjustment, durable construction and an extremely powerful battery - there are many fruitful taste experiences ahead of you.

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Firefly 2 portable vaporizers
Firefly 2+ Portable... Firefly 2+ Portable... 2
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Firefly 2+ Portable Vaporizer Mat h3> The latest Firefly 2+ device with on-demand convection heating system/ p> The best on-demand vaporizer in a new version/ p> Even faster heating, even better taste, full control!/ p>
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