Soap is the most popular cosmetic product for body care. It has settled in our bathrooms for good, and has also gained an honorable place in the offer of the store. What distinguishes our hemp soaps is their composition. 100% natural, fragrance-free soaps with hemp oil show amazing effects. In addition to the efficiently performed main task, they lubricate and smooth the skin. They are based on vegetable fat, so they are suitable for washing both the face and the whole body. They don't dry out the skin and don't make it feel tense.

Cannabis hemp soaps are cosmetic products without irritating, drying and allergening fragrances and preservatives. Their main ingredient and active ingredient is hemp oil - a source of vitamins A and E. In the presented category, we offer natural soaps that gently care for the skin and eliminate many skin problems. They are recommended for all skin types, even sensitive and problematic. Hemp soaps do not show any psychoactive properties. Hemp oil obtained for the production of cosmetics is cold pressed.

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Hemp soap with micro-peeling 100 g
Hemp soap with micro-peeling 100 g h4> Natural, fragrance-free hemp soap with micro-peeling/ p> Intended for all skin types, also sensitive and problematic. Nourishes the skin, prevents dryness, soothes irritations. The hemp oil contained in the soap provides vitamins A and E.
Natural soap with hemp oil 100 g
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Natural soap with hemp oil 100 g h4>Natural, fragrance-free soap with hemp oil/ p>Intended for everyday use.Provides immediate lubrication/ p>It prevents skin drying, smoothes and soothes.
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