The store is an ideal place for lovers of smokeless inhalations. We offer modern vaporization devices, i.e. stationary and portable vaporizers , as well as a wide selection of smoking accessories. Do you want to enjoy the purchased equipment as long as possible? Remember to clean it regularly and, if necessary, replace old elements with new ones. In the category of vaporizer screens, you will find both individual models and sets prepared for the most demanding users.

Remember that each of the screens is designed for specific models of a given brand or compatible with other copies. Before choosing a strainer, read its description. If you still have doubts, give us a call or chat. are specialists who know vaporization as well as devices and accessories used for it. They will help you choose the right copy.


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Fenix mini strainer with mouthpiece Fenix mini strainer with mouthpiece 2
Strainer with seal for FENIX Mini Vaporizer mouthpiece span>The original set of accessories for the FENIX Mini vaporizer. span>The set includes a silicone gasket and a strainer for the FENIX Mini vaporizer's mouthpiece. The kit prevents the dryness from getting into the mouth during inhalation/ span>
Set of screens for the...
Set of screens for the AirVape Xs GO VaporizerSet of 6 interchangeable screens for the AirVape Xs GO Vaporizer. span>Includes: 3 spare mouthpiece screens and 3 spare screens for the drying chamber.Original accessories for the AirVape Xs GO Vaporizer.
Budkups BudKit storage box...
Budkups BudKit storage box for PAX 2 / PAX 3 accessories Original Budkups box / storage for PAX 2 / PAX 3 Made of metal.It has specially designed compartments that hold the vaporizer and its accessories. The set includes instructions showing how to pack the glove box.
VapirRise 2.0 chamber for oils and concentrates
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VapirRise 2.0 chamber for oils and concentratesAdditional chamber for oils and concentrates for the VapirRise 2.0 vaporizer.Made of metal.An additional accessory that allows you to vaporize oils and concentrates.
Fenix Pro - strainer with a...
Fenix Pro - strainer with a heating spiral Original accessory for the Fenix Pro vaporizer. Sieve with a heating spiral for the heating chamber of the vaporizer. Made of stainless steel.
X-Max Starry pad /...
X-Max Starry pad / concentrate pad Concentrate pad for X-Max Starry V2 vaporizer. It allows you to vaporize oils / waxes in X-Max Starry.
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