Vaporizers are devices that allow smokeless inhalation of and plant mixtures. They are both stationary and portable models. You will find both types in our offer. We sell vaporizers from well-known manufacturers that have been thoroughly checked by us, so you can be sure that at you will buy good-quality vaporization equipment. As specialists, we have prepared an ideal offer. It also includes a range of vaporization accessories, such as vaporizer adapters that allow you to connect your vaporizer to a bong. What is the difference between such inhalation? We are in a hurry with the answer!

A vaporizer plus a bong is a great idea for dry inhalation, which will be much healthier than the one straight from a glass bong. Vaporization with a vaporizer and a bong provides a much longer path of vapor flow, and thus more unwanted substances remain in the bowl and bong adapter. An additional advantage of this method is a pleasant, cool steam, almost imperceptible during inhalation and the pure aroma of dried herbs.

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Adapters for vaporizers -
Water adapter for the...
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Water adapter for the Flowermate UNO VaporizerOriginal adapter for the Flowermate UNO Vaporizer.It cools down and filters the steam. It allows you to connect the vaporizer with a bong.
Fenix Mini - Bong adapter... Fenix Mini - Bong adapter... 2
Fenix Mini - Bong adapter 3in1 420VAPE cut 10, 14, 18 mm A multifunctional adapter that allows you to connect the Fenix Mini vaporizer with a water pipe.Suitable for grinding: 10, 14 and 18 mm.Made of borosilicate glassbr />It has a drying chamber/ p>
Mighty glass bong adapter... Mighty glass bong adapter... 2
Mighty glass bong adapter 3in1 10/14 / 18mm The Mighty 3in1 glass adapter fits any bong with a 10mm 14.5mm or 18.8mm cut. The borosilicate glass adapter ensures pure flavor and cooling of the vapor. The Mighty bong adapter fits any bong, hookah. p>
Volcano Easy Valve adapter...
Volcano Easy Valve adapter for 14mm bong Volcano adapter for hookah bong with 14mm cut. Thanks to it, you can connect your favorite volcano vaporizer with a water pipe and cool the water vapor. The hookah bong adapter fits Volcano vaporizers with the Easy Valve system. Insert the adapter into the balloon/ p>
Adapter for Mighty / Crafty... Adapter for Mighty / Crafty... 2
Adapter for Mighty / Crafty + to connect to a bong with a 12mm 14.5mm and 18.8mm cut A professional adapter that connects the Mighty / Crafty + vaporizer with a bong. Suitable for water pipes with a cut of 12mm, 14.5 and 18.8mm. p> Original accessory for Mighty / Crafty + vaporizers. p>
Bubbler 420VAPE for Ghost... Bubbler 420VAPE for Ghost... 2
Bubbler 420VAPE for Ghost MV1 filter cap High quality bubbler for the Ghost MV1 vaporizer. Made of borosilicate glass/ p> Filters and cools down the steam. Increases the efficiency of the vaporizer.
Cooling tube from Turbo... Cooling tube from Turbo... 2
Cooling tube from Turbo 420VAPE to DynaVap VapCap 420VAPE glass tube for DynaVap VapCap Made of borosilicate glassbr />The interior has 10 balls for advanced cooling. Length: 3 inches - 7.62 cm
X-Max V3 PRO - Silicone bong adapter X-Max V3 PRO - Silicone bong adapter 2
X-Max V3 PRO - Silicone bong adapter A bong adapter for the X-Max V3 PRO vaporizer.Made of black sulicon.It allows you to connect the vaporizer with a water pipe.
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