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If you are annoyed by a mess when rolling joints, pay attention to the accessory, which is a special tray. Thanks to it, the drought does not spread all over the table and does not fall on the floor. Trays for joints in store category, which gathered a large number of products of the best brands, such as Raw , V-Syndicate and Smoke Arsenal . Models made of metal are durable, and thanks to their design motifs, they add variety to the interior design. The multitude of prints allows you to choose the perfect pad for yourself.

Joint trays prepared in the presented category are real works of applied art. The popular and unique motifs that adorn the placemats are also a great reason to give your friend a nice surprise. The tray for rolling joints is a practical accessory without which the most demanding smokers do not sit down for a relaxation session. Check which trays for rolling joints we offer and choose the model that suits you.

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RAW, V-SYNDICATE Joints Trays -
V-SYNDICATE 420 rolling tray metal SMALL
V-SYNDICATE 420 joint roll tray SMALL V-SYNDICATE Metal Rolling Tray/ p>It has a unique imprint in the letter/ p>Green colorDimensions: 180 x 140 mm
V-SYNDICATE 420 joint roll...
V-SYNDICATE 420 joint roll tray LARGE Large, very practical V-SYNDICATE joint rolling tray. It has a unique overprint 420. Green color Dimensions: 270 x 160 mm
RAW MINI rolling tray for rolling joints, metal
RAW MINI Rolling Tray h4>Unique RAW joint roll tray/ p>Made of metal.It has an original print with the RAW logo.MINI version: 13 x 18 cm
RAW LARGE tray for rolling joints, metal, 34x27.5 cm
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Tray for rolling joints RAW LARGE metal 34x27.5 cm h3>Tray for rolling joints with the classic RAW print. Made of high quality metalbr />It prevents the drought from spilling out, helps to keep order when turning. Dimensions: 34 x 27.5 cm
RAW XXL rolling tray metal
Rolling joint tray RAW XXL metal h3>Rolling tray RAW XXL. Made of high quality metalbr />It has the original RAW print.Dimensions: 50.5 x 31 cm
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