CFX Boundless

In this vaporizer, we can determine any temperature from 37 to even 221 degrees Celsius. Full flavor at low temperatures or swirling vapors of thick smoke - all this is guaranteed by CFX Boundless portable vaporizers. Regardless of the amount of dried material, steam production remains at the same level.

Three buttons are enough to fully control this handy gadget. The vaping pleasure can be even longer thanks to the durable lithium-ion battery. The culmination is a convection and conduction system that sucks in the air at the bottom, which, when heated, goes into the chamber, making the vaporization spotlessly clean. Perfect for discerning gourmets.

CFX Boundless portable vaporizers
CFX Boundless Vaporizer CFX Boundless Vaporizer 2
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CFX Boundless Vaporizer

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CFX Boundless VaporizerHigh-class, portable vaporizer at an affordable price. It produces dense, strong vapor clouds with a clean taste. It has full temperature control and a large, convenient display. A strong position that will satisfy the most demanding vampire lovers.
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