XVAPE Aria - spare parts

XVape Aria - proven and high-class spare parts

Our professional store offers not only high-class XVape Aria vaporizers , but also spare parts and accessories that will greatly facilitate its everyday use and allow you to adjust its parameters to your expectations. All the devices we offer come from reliable manufacturers who use the best materials and semi-finished products in production. The result are reliable batteries, filters, strainers and other accessories that you can order now in our store in a very attractive offer. Don't wait long and opt for one of our reliable XVape Aria spare parts .

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Aria Xvape portable vaporizer Aria Xvape portable vaporizer 2
ARIA by XVAPE is a portable conduction vaporizer for herbs and concentrates. The temperature can be adjusted between 100 ° C and 240 ° C The ARIA vaporizer is refined in terms of handy size, high-quality workmanship, elegant appearance and optimal touch thanks to the leather housing of the casing.
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