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Are you already a happy owner of a vaporizer, or are you planning to buy one? Regardless, after some time you will find out for yourself that for a wider possibility of using this device, you will need various types of elements to complement the set or allow for minor modifications. That is why in the offer of our store we offer various types of vaporizer accessories and spare parts. Here you will find, among others, replaceable screens , mouthpieces , spare chargers and batteries , as well as dispensers and specialized attachments, thanks to which the use of vaporizers will make you even more fun and enjoyable.

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Dosing capsules for Mighty Crafty Storz and bickel Dosing capsules for Mighty Crafty Storz and bickel 2
Dosing capsules for herbs for the Mighty / Crafty Storz & Bickel vaporizer Original dosing capsules for the Mighty / Crafty vaporizer.They allow for early loading and safe storage of dried herbs.They enable easy application.They help keep the device clean.10 pcs. In the package.
Vapir Rise Multi-User Adapter
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VapirRise Multi-User AdapterAdapter for Vapir Rise vaporizer that allows you to enjoy vaporization up to 4 people.
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