Portable Mighty vaporizers are devices of the German brand Storz & Bickel, the creator of the legendary Volcano. With the MIGHTY vaporizer, you only need a few seconds to enjoy homogeneous, dense clouds of vapor. All thanks to an innovative heating system that uses convection and conduction.

Precise operation of the vaporizer is ensured by the temperature regulator, which allows you to increase and decrease it in steps. We can choose the Celsius and Fahrenheit scale. The battery works continuously for up to two hours. For economical use of energy, the vaporizer automatically turns off as soon as the user stops using it. We recommend these high-quality vaporizers for your own use or as a gift idea.

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MIGHTY by STORZ & BICKEL portable vaporizers
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MIGHTY - STORZ & BICKEL portable vaporizer MIGHTY is an incredibly efficient hybrid vaporizer (combination of convection and conduction) from the German company Storz & Bickel.Patented German technology closed in a pocket size.Fast (heats up in about 30 seconds), effective, unsurpassed in the production of large clouds of steam.MUST HAVE for...
Mighty Medic - a portable medical vaporizer for herbs Mighty Medic - a portable medical vaporizer for herbs 2
Mighty Medic - a portable medical vaporizer for Vapormed Mighty Medic portable vaporizer from the German manufacturer Vapormed/ p> Intended for inhalation of medical marijuana. Equipped with a hybrid heating system (combination of convection and conduction). It has precise temperature control down to 1 ° C.
Mighty + / Crafty + 420VAPE... Mighty + / Crafty + 420VAPE... 2
Mighty + / Crafty + 420VAPE glass chamber reducer Drying chamber reducer for Mighty + / Crafty + vaporizer. Made of high quality glass. It allows you to reduce the size of the chamber. 2 pcs in the set. Wyniki tłumacze
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