Mighty + 420VAPE stand for a vaporizer
Mighty + 420VAPE stand for a vaporizer 420VAPE stand for a Mighty + vaporizer. Made of plastic. Allows you to place the Mighty + in a vertical position.
Mighty + / Crafty + 420VAPE... Mighty + / Crafty + 420VAPE... 2
Mighty + / Crafty + 420VAPE glass chamber reducer Drying chamber reducer for Mighty + / Crafty + vaporizer. Made of high quality glass. It allows you to reduce the size of the chamber. 2 pcs in the set. Wyniki tłumacze
Mighty+ waporyzator i... Mighty+ waporyzator i... 2
Mighty + vaporizer and soaked Swabs cleaning sticks SET Unique 420VAPE set.Mighty + Storz & Bickel vaporizer with impregnated Swabs cleaning sticks.The sticks are perfect for cleaning the inside of the vaporizer.The liquid with ispropyl alcohol is released after breaking off the top of the stick.
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