Hybrid portable vaporizers with convection / conduction heating. They allow you to enjoy the pure, undisturbed taste of dried fruit. You can vape all afternoon - depending on the model, the battery allows you to use it actively for up to an hour and a half. Some vaporizers can even be used while charging.

Choose the ARIZER AIR model if you want to save battery power - it automatically turns off 10 minutes after you finish vaping. The ArGO Arizer, on the other hand, can be charged via the USB cable. Choose a solution tailored to your needs to get complete satisfaction with your vaporization.


Portable ARIZER AIR vaporizers
ArGO Arizer - portable... ArGO Arizer - portable... 2
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ArGO Arizer - an ultra-compact, very small, portable herb vaporizer from the Canadian brand Arizer Made of high-quality components. It has full temperature control, a borosilicate glass mouthpiece and a replaceable battery. Provides an incredibly clean vaporization vapor flavor and large clouds from the first stroke.
Arizer AIR II dry vaporizer portable vaporizer Arizer AIR II dry vaporizer portable vaporizer 2
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Arizer AIR II - portable vaporizer for drying/ h4> Compact, extremely light, easy to use and maintain. Made of high-quality components. Equipped with a ceramic heating element, glass mouthpieces and chambers, and a replaceable battery. Provides incredibly pure, high-quality vapor flavor. A strong proposition for every fan of vaporization. Good...
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