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You only invest in proven things, and your PAX 2 vaporizer is the apple of your eye and you need reliable accessories for it? In that case, is the perfect place for you, where you can now order proven, original and from certain manufacturers accessories and spare parts for vaporizers, which you can order at a very attractive price. In our online store, we guarantee you high-quality and durable batteries, special protective covers for the vaporizer, special filter sets, comfortable mouthpieces and many other spare parts that are also recommended by our customers.

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PAX 2/3 Bubbler water... PAX 2/3 Bubbler water... 2
PAX 2/3 Bubbler water attachment for a vaporizer Filtering water cap for Pax 2 and Pax 3 vaporizers. The overlay filters and cools down the steam, giving you an even better experience while using your Pax.
PAX2 / PAX3 adapter for 3... PAX2 / PAX3 adapter for 3... 2
PAX2 / PAX3 adapter for 3 in 1 bong Overlay - adapter for PAX 2 / PAX 3 vaporizer. It allows you to connect the vaporizer with any bong. Suitable for 10/14/18 mm grinding.
PAX 2 vaporizer for plant material (PAX Labs Inc.) PAX 2 vaporizer for plant material (PAX Labs Inc.) 2
PAX vaporizer 2 It is characterized by high quality of the materials used, compact design, efficiency, the ability to regulate the vaporization temperature and, above all, simplicity of use. The product is available with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty (PAX Labs Inc.).
Cartridge for concentrates... Cartridge for concentrates... 2
Cartridge for concentrates for PAX vaporizer Original PAX accessory. Insert for concentrates/ p> Closed magnetically. It enables the vaporization of oils and waxes. Suitable for PAX 3 vaporizer. Can also be used with PAX 2.
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