Ground are one of the most convenient forms of their use. This is because the grinding of the dried leaves brings out the nutritional and health benefits of the plant more thoroughly. Herbs in this form are easier to take, and the infusion made of them is richer. To be able to enjoy this form of dried herbs, regardless of whether you want to make an infusion of them or smoke them, it is worth having a convenient grinder for grinding them. Thanks to it, you will be able to prepare herbs for yourself, in the form you like.

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THORINDER GRINDER by After Crow 50mm grinder THORINDER GRINDER by After Crow 50mm grinder 2
THORINDER Grinder MINI by After Grow grinder 50 mm diameter Unique THORINDER Grinder by After Grow in the MINI version.It has a strainer and a pollen chamber. Equipped with teeth with a patented structure, ensuring the highest level of friction. It can handle the hardest, compact material/ span>Perfect for grinding herbs into a vaporizer.The set...
THORINDER Grinder by After... THORINDER Grinder by After... 2
THORINDER Grinder by After Grow metal grinder 62 mm diameter Original THORINDER Grinder by After Grow.Equipped with teeth with a unique, patented structure, ensuring friction at the highest level of efficiency. Closed magnetically.It has a strainer and a pollen chamber. The set includes the unique After Grow scraper.Packaged in an elegant case.
Grinder card with the V-Syndicate herb grater function LEAF 2A professional card with the V-Syndicate grater function. p>Made of metal.It is the size of a standard credit card. p>It fits easily in the wallet.
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