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What we do and what you will find in our offer:

- vaporization is gaining more and more fans. Why? For a simple reason, it is much healthier than traditional smoking. When using a vaporizer, there is no combustion (the herbs are only heated), which prevents the release of poisonous tar substances. We do not burden the lungs and we obtain the maximum amount of active substances from the dried fruit. Therefore, a vaporizer is a healthy alternative for every smoker. Our offer includes a very large selection of vaporizers of various types, in a wide rangeprice range.

  • Portable vaporizers - our most important goal is customer satisfaction, which is why we closely monitor the market and select products that are to be included in our offer with great care. The equipment we choose is always carefully checked and tested in terms of quality and functionality. Our assortment includes both proven and recommended worldwide vaporizers from leading manufacturers such as: PAX, Storz & Bickel, Arizer, Firefly, DynaVap, Flowermate, as well as many new products that you will not find in other stores of this type. It is also worth adding that we currently have the widest selection of vaporizers among all currently operating stores on the market.

  • Stationary vaporizers - in this section you will find a wide range of stationary vaporizers intended for home use, min. all available options of the Vaporizer Volcano. Stationary vaporizers are very effective devices that are used not only for recreational purposes, but also for medical purposes.

  • Accessories and spare parts - we have a full, available on the market, range of spare parts and accessories for every equipment ordered from us. In order to meet the highest requirements, we constantly expand our offer, introducing interesting new products.

Bong- in this section you will find a huge selection of water pipes in various sizes, patterns, colors and configurations. We meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, therefore in our offer you will find only the highest quality products from reputable manufacturers. When choosing our assortment, we are guided not only by high-quality workmanship, but also by aesthetics and functionality. The bongs that we present to you are unique products, from limited collections, with an original, unique design and high durability and strength.

Available models:

  • Bong with filtration - bongs te zaoare viewed at diffusers and percolators that filter smoke through water in an advanced way. Using a filter bong is the safest and the least invasive form of burning dried herbs.

  • Classic bongs- known and liked by everyone classic bong models made of high quality glass, available in many compilations. In this section you will find min. bongs packed in elegant boxes - a great gift idea!

  • Acrylic and silicone bongs- unbreakable, made of acrylic or silicone, which makes them extremely durable.

  • Accessories and spare parts - we have a wide range of accessories and spare parts for bongs, such as: pipes, bowls, strainers, filters.

Tissues - selectan ionized selection of tissue paper from leading manufacturers. Known, proven, recommended all over the world. Made of 100% natural ingredients to give smoking a new quality.

Available options:

  • Bbrown buns - unbleached - tissue paper available in various forms and sizes from producers such as RAW, GreenGo, Juicy Jays, OCB.

  • White tissue papers - bleached

  • Twisted tissue paper - cones - very convenient to use, ready-made twisted blunts available with or without a filter. All you need is to load them with your favorite herb!

  • Transparent papers - flavored - worth trying when lookingwith an interesting variety! You can choose from min. in such flavors as: strawberry, watermelon, cherry, mango and papaya, coca - cola, tropical.

Accessories- useful for any smoker of plant dried and more. Top quality products, interesting gadgets. New products every week!

  • Lighters- reputable lighters from Clipper - durable, durable, refillable, available in many eye-catching designs.

  • Trays- professional trays for rolling joints from producers such as: Raw and V - Syndicate. Large selection of sizes and designs. Eventually you'll have everything organized and under control!

  • Grinders - an indispensable addition, especially for all users of vaporization, because when properly prepared for inhalation, the herbs are very ground dried!

  • Odorless containers - proven and, above all, very practical. They completely eliminate the smell, made of high-quality, certified materials used in the food industry. Available in many sizes and shapes: from small, pocket-sized to large and very roomy.

  • In addition : scales, pipes, ashtrays, flavoring and cleaning preparations, clothing, wallets, bags and much more.

Our qualified staff will help you choose the equipment tailored to your needs - they will show the service, explain the principle of operation, advise on the choice of a vaporizer and more.

We are the distributor: PAX, Magic Flight, Storz & Bickel, V- SYNDICATE.

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Why is it worth choosing Vaporshop?

We have been operating on the market of vaporizers and smoking accessories since 2013. Our store was created out of a true passion for the subject we deal with. We are constantly learning and we carefully observe new developments in the world of vaporization to introduce them to the Polish market as soon as possible. Our goal is to constantly develop and maintain the highest quality of the presented assortment, through appropriate selection and constant control. In addition, we have highly qualified staff who know literally everything about vaporization. Let it be a sufficient advertisement that we test each equipment that appears in our store on our own skin;) Therefore, it is easy for us to play the role of a customer and objectively advise which device will be the best for your needs. We are available - simply! And we will always answer all your bothering questions with great patience and understandingbr />

What makes us stand out?

First of all, we are the only stationary store in the district with such a large selection of vaporizers and smoking accessories, available on site, immediately. Each product presented on our website is also available in our stationary store. With us you can see each vaporizer carefully, compare it with other equipment and most importantly touch and feel the device in your hand. All this in quick and direct mode, without having to wait for the shipment! What's more, both in the online store (telephone contact or chat) and in the stationary store, we provide you with the highest quality services and professional advice from our staff. We know what we do, and this work is a pleasure for us, which is why we are open to any suggestions and always willing to help.

Do we have an offer for companies?

Yes, we have a wholesale offer for companies. It applies to all products available on our online store. All you need to do is contact our service department by phone or e-mail to verify the company's data. Then, after accepting the data, a "company account" is created, thanks to which you can easily and conveniently place an order. We are the sole distributor of PAX in Poland and distributors of such brands as: Magic Flight, Storz & Bickel, V - Syndicate. You can negotiate the best prices with us! </ span>

Please contact us!

tel. 793-936-707

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