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In our online store you can buy not only vaporizers, but also spare parts and accessories necessary for pleasant vaping, which will allow you to fully enjoy the pleasant aroma and taste of dried plants. The spare parts for Fenix Pro vaporizers available in our offer are made of strong materials and significantly increase the capabilities of your vaporizer. You can order accessories for Fenix devices now at a very attractive price and we guarantee that you will be very satisfied with your choice. The high quality of our products is confirmed by our regular customers.

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Fenix Pro
Fenix Pro Vaporizer... Fenix Pro Vaporizer... 2
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Fenix Pro Vaporizer convection for drying The latest creation from the Fenix product stable. Fenix Pro vaporizer with the patented, latest ECA convection heating technology. It combines high heating power with a compact, small size. It has full temperature control in the range of 160 ° - 221 ° C and an elegant OLED display.
fenix 2.0 vaporizer fenix 2.0 vaporizer 2
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Fenix 2.0 Convection Portable Vaporizer h4> The latest, improved version of Fenix Vaporizer - known and liked by all vaporization users. It has a new, patented AIR HEATING® convection heating technology, a large display and a fully isolated steam path channel. Onheats up in 30 sec. Strong, noteworthy proposition from FENIX! p>
Mini Bubbler with a drying chamber for the Fenix Mini 420VAPE vaporizer Mini Bubbler with a drying chamber for the Fenix Mini 420VAPE vaporizer 2
Mini Bubbler with a drying chamber for the Fenix Mini 420VAPE vaporizer A filtering cap with a built-in drying chamber for the Fenix Mini vaporizer. Made of glass/ p> Provides advanced filtration, extends the capabilities of the device. Also fits: Fury Smono 3.3 Volkenkraft Fenix PRO
Fenix Pro - metal drought... Fenix Pro - metal drought... 2
Fenix Pro - metal drought capsule Herb capsule for the Fenix Pro vaporizer. Made of metal. Original Fenix Pro accessory.
Fenix Pro - strainer with a...
Fenix Pro - strainer with a heating spiral Original accessory for the Fenix Pro vaporizer. Sieve with a heating spiral for the heating chamber of the vaporizer. Made of stainless steel.
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