Before you take the first aromatic blow of a handmade joint, you need some accessories to make it. In addition to the obvious, such as a crusher for that allows you to grind it to the thickness of your choice, blanks and filters, you also need a tray for rolling joints, which will help you keep order in the place where you roll your blunt. The trays for rolling joints allow all necessary elements to settle in one place, while saving valuable drought. In our store you will find a wide range of unscented trays and containers, dedicated to the preparation of blanks of such brands as V-Syndicate , Smoke Arsenal , Green GO or RAW . We offer only the highest quality products.

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Plant of Life Jack Herer...
Plant of Life Jack Herer Joint Tray LARGE Unique, metal tray for rolling the Plant of Life joints. Design: Jack Herer The tray prevents the drought from spilling out/ span>Makes turning easier. Dimensions: 27 x 16 cm
Tray for joints V-SYNDICATE...
V-SYNDICATE Dj Cat joint tray 18 x 14 cm span> Metal tray for rolling joints. Pattern: DJ Cat from the latest V-SYNDICATE collection. span>The tray prevents the drought from spilling out while turning/ span>It is the perfect complement to any smoke-set. Dimensions: 16 x 12 cm
V-SYNDICATE Girl Scout...
V-SYNDICATE Girl Scout Joint Rolling Tray LARGE Metal twisting tray by V-SYNDICATE. span>Stable, easy to use. span>It prevents the spreading of drought.Dimensions: 27 x 16 cm
RAW Donut Rolling Tray VERY LARGE
RAW Donut Rolling Tray LARGE Metal tray for rolling joints from RAW. Pattern: Donut. p>Dimensions: 27.5 x 33 cm.
RAW Flying Junction Rolling Tray LARGE
1 Reviews
RAW Flying Joint Tray SMALL The original tray from the latest RAW collection.Pattern: Flying. p>Dimensions: 17.5 x 27.5 cm.
Rolling tray RAW Forest LARGE
Tray for rolling joints RAW Forest SMALL Tray for rolling up joints from the latest RAW collection/ p>It has a unique print: Forest.Big, very effective/ p>Dimensions: 17.5 x 27.5 cm.
RAW FOREST LARGE metal rolling tray
2 Reviews
RAW FOREST metal tray for rolling joints LARGE The original tray from the latest RAW collection.Pattern: Forest p>Dimensions: 33 x 27.5 cm
Wooden tray for joints Raw...
Wooden tray for joints Raw LARGE 27.5 x 17.6 cm Large, handy tray for rolling joints from RAW. Made of wood.In the center of the tray there is a large RAW logo. Dimensions: 27.5 x 17.6 cm
V-SYNDICATE 420 rolling tray metal SMALL
V-SYNDICATE 420 joint roll tray SMALL V-SYNDICATE Metal Rolling Tray/ p>It has a unique imprint in the letter/ p>Green colorDimensions: 180 x 140 mm
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