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Are you looking for new taste sensations while smoking dried ? Or maybe you want to diversify this process with an aroma different from the traditional flavor from time to time? Choose flavored blanks that allow you to give your blants any flavor and taste, from juicy, sweet fruit, through refreshing mint and eucalyptus, to aromatic flavors of cakes and desserts. Transparent flavor tablets are made of natural materials, such as cellulose, hemp or rice straw, so they do not contain any substances harmful to the body and perfectly emphasize the appearance of the twist. In our store,, you will find, among other things, flavor papers from such global brands as Cycolnes Blunts or JuicyJays .

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Transparent papers, Flavored papers -
CYCLONE Clear Peach flavor tissue paper 1 pc. ready to load
CYCLONE Clear Peach flavor tissue paper 1 pc. ready to load h3>Ready to load, twisted Cyclones Clear flavor tissue paper. Flavor: Clear Peach - peach.Made of natural Asian cottonbr />Rammer included.
Glass Clear 1 and 1/4...
Glass Clear papers transparent span>Classic, transparent Glass papers produced in Brazil/ span>100% natural.Made of pure, plant-based cellulose/ span>50 pcs. In the package.
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