Professional, portable XVAPE vaporizers are undoubtedly one of the best devices in their class. They are not only reliable, but also well-made, aesthetic and, above all, functional. One of the most interesting proposals here is certainly the FOG model, as the first one to be made in a hybrid form, with a 5-step scale for adjusting the heating temperature.

All portable vaporizers from this brand, however, are very solid and provide a pleasant taste experience, and at the same time do not cost much. For lovers of vaporization, the small size of the device will also be an important advantage, thanks to which it fits very well in the hand.


XVAPE portable vaporizers
X-Max Starry v3 A portable vaporizer for drying X-Max Starry v3 A portable vaporizer for drying 2
X-Max Starry 3.0 A portable vaporizer for drying High-quality, pocket-sized vaporizer at a very affordable price. It has a full range of temperature control and a replaceable battery. Heats up very quickly (in 25 seconds). It has a ceramic heating chamber and a mouthpiece, thanks to which it provides high-quality vapor clouds.
Aria Xvape portable vaporizer Aria Xvape portable vaporizer 2
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ARIA by XVAPE is a portable conduction vaporizer for herbs and concentrates. The temperature can be adjusted between 100 ° C and 240 ° C The ARIA vaporizer is refined in terms of handy size, high-quality workmanship, elegant appearance and optimal touch thanks to the leather housing of the casing.
XVAPE FOG PRO - Removable mouthpiece
XVAPE FOG PRO - Removable mouthpiece Complete, removable mouthpiece for the XVAPE FOG Pro Waporyizer.Suspended mouthpiece together with magnetic module and sieve.Original XVAPE FOG PRO spare parts.
X-Max V3 PRO- Vaporizer for herbs and concentrates X-Max V3 PRO- Vaporizer for herbs and concentrates 2
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X-Max V3 PRO- Vaporizer for herbs and concentrates The latest work of the manufacturer X-Max - a portable vaporizer for dried and concentrated X-Max V3 PRO.Equipped with a convection heating system and a replaceable 18650 battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh.It allows you to vaporize in two modes: session and on-demand.It has a fully isolated air path and...
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