Vaporization is a modern aromatherapy, or more precisely the process of heating with the help of a special device, which is a vaporizer. The smokeless method of inhaling dried plants allows you to use only its active substances. What most enthusiasts of vaporization enjoys is the lack of tar that appears during smoking. In the store, we have collected devices from well-known and respected brands such as Storz & Bickel , Arizer , Da Vinci , Boundless , DynaVap or Flowermate , as well as a lot of spare parts and accessories.

One of the categories eagerly visited by our customers are mouthpieces for vaporizers . It includes a large number of different models designed for specific vaporizers. Mouthpieces as interchangeable parts allow you to improve the device and, above all, adjust it to your preferences. Mouthpieces with filters for the Arizer Solo II vaporizer made of borosilicate glass, mini , i.e. a water cap for the Planet of the vapes one vaporizer, and mouthpieces with a vapor cooling system before it reaches the lungs are very popular.

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Mouthpieces for vaporizers -
Volcano Hybrid - a set of...
Volcano Hybrid - a set of mouthpieces 4 pcs. Set of mouthpieces for the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer.Original Volcano Hybrid Storz & Bickel accessories.The set includes 4 pcs of mouthpieces.
Glass mouthpiece for...
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Glass mouthpiece for Focusvape vaporizerOriginal, glass mouthpiece for Focusvape vaporizer.It has a built-in percolator.Height: 12.4 cm Diameter: 30mm span>
Volcano Hybrid - Tube Kit,... Volcano Hybrid - Tube Kit,... 2
Volcano Hybrid - Tube Kit, hose + accessories Tube Kit - a set of accessories for the Vaporizer Volcano Hybrid. Set contains: snake Tube Flexer gasket mouthpiece
Volcano Hybrid - Tube Set 3x1m Volcano Hybrid - Tube Set 3x1m 2
Volcano Hybrid - Tube Set 3 x 1mOriginal set of accessories for the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer/ span>Set of 3 tubes with mouthpieces.Each pipe is 1 m long. The tube and mouthpiece are attached to the Tube Flexer gasket that was sold with the device.
Mighty Wear & Tear set -... Mighty Wear & Tear set -... 2
The kit includes all the parts needed to renew your Mighty Included: cooling unit, 3x mouthpiece, liquid pad set, strainers set, brush, 2 x hammer
Fenix Mini - Curved glass... Fenix Mini - Curved glass... 2
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Fenix Mini - Curved glass mouthpiece A glass mouthpiece that fits the Fenix Mini portable vaporizer. It has a unique curved shape/ p> It cools the steam and improves the taste of vaporized droughts.
X-Max Starry 3.0 removable...
X-Max Starry 3.0 replaceable mouthpiece with base h3> Original, spare mouthpiece for X-Max Starry 3.0 vaporizer. Replaceable mouthpiece with the base for the X-Max Starry 3.0 vaporizer. p>
curved mouthpiece for the mighty crafty crafty + vaporizer curved mouthpiece for the mighty crafty crafty + vaporizer 2
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Mighty / Crafty 3D cooling mouthpiece for a vaporizer 3D cooling mouthpiece with protrusions for Mighty, Crafty and Crafty + vaporizers. Even cooler vapor from your favorite vaporizer/ p>
Boundless TERA spare...
Boundless TERA spare mouthpieceSpare mouthpiece for Boundless TERA vaporizer.Original Boundless TERA accessory.
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