Tacki metalowe

Tacki metalowe
RAW XXL rolling tray metal
Rolling joint tray RAW XXL metal h3>Rolling tray RAW XXL. Made of high quality metalbr />It has the original RAW print.Dimensions: 50.5 x 31 cm
RAW LARGE tray for rolling joints, metal, 34x27.5 cm
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Tray for rolling joints RAW LARGE metal 34x27.5 cm h3>Tray for rolling joints with the classic RAW print. Made of high quality metalbr />It prevents the drought from spilling out, helps to keep order when turning. Dimensions: 34 x 27.5 cm
RAW MINI rolling tray for rolling joints, metal
RAW MINI Rolling Tray h4>Unique RAW joint roll tray/ p>Made of metal.It has an original print with the RAW logo.MINI version: 13 x 18 cm
V-SYNDICATE 420 joint roll...
V-SYNDICATE 420 joint roll tray LARGE Large, very practical V-SYNDICATE joint rolling tray. It has a unique overprint 420. Green color Dimensions: 270 x 160 mm
V-SYNDICATE DJ GROOVE metal rolling tray
V-SYNDICATE DJ GROOVE rolling joint tray LARGE A unique tray from the latest V-SYNDICATE collection. It has the original DJ Groove print. Version: BIG p> Dimensions: 270 x 160 mm
V-SYNDICATE 420 rolling tray metal SMALL
V-SYNDICATE 420 joint roll tray SMALL V-SYNDICATE Metal Rolling Tray/ p>It has a unique imprint in the letter/ p>Green colorDimensions: 180 x 140 mm
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