When using the benefits of , especially in the form of vaporization, it is worth equipping yourself with the necessary accessories. They facilitate the preparation of smokeless inhalation and increase its taste. We are talking about many practical gadgets, such as strainers and mouthpieces, as well as grinders, the use of which allows you to save plant material, and thus money. Wooden grinders in the presented category are functional and at the same time very aesthetically made models, making them perfect for a gift. We offer mills made of maple, walnut and cherry wood. Grinders made of high-quality wood are a tribute to ecology, so if you are familiar with our environment, see the presented grinders and choose the model for yourself.

Wooden grinders at Vaporshop.pl differ not only in the type of wood, but also in size and shape. These are devices consisting of at least two parts. Multi-part grinders enable the collection of valuable pollen, which ensures high palatability of inhalation and enhances the sensation. Thanks to the design and the fact that the grinders are made of wood, they are unobtrusive. They are discreet, which is important for all enthusiasts of dried plants and herbs.

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The SWISS+ wooden herb grinder with a glass chamber The SWISS+ wooden herb grinder with a glass chamber 2
The SWISS+ wooden herb grinder with a glass chamber The SWISS+ herb grinder is made of walnut wood.3-part, equipped with a glass chamber for storing the ground material.Closed magnetically, polished by hand.Diameter: 65mm
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