Vapexhale Cloud EVO Nebula Starter Kit Vaporizer
Vapexhale Cloud EVO Nebula Starter Kit Vaporizer
Vapexhale Cloud EVO Nebula Starter Kit Vaporizer
Vapexhale Cloud EVO Nebula Starter Kit Vaporizer

Vapexhale Cloud EVO Nebula Starter Kit Vaporizer

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Vapexhale Cloud EVO Nebula Starter Kit Vaporizer

A high-quality desktop vaporizer with a patented "on demand" convection heating system.
Fast in operation, very effective in the production of steam.
It has a full range of temperature control.
Can be connected to any 18mm bong.


Vapexhale Cloud EVO Nebula Starter Kit Vaporizer

Vaporshop is proud to present the premiere on the Polish market, a unique Americanref = "">vaporizerVapeXhale Cloud EVO NEBULA STARTER KIT.

The only one vaporizerthat can be connected to any 18mm bong!

Unparalleled Power! Amazing taste! Maximum efficiency!

VapeXhale EVO ™ is a unique device that you can connect to a bong or directly enjoy the perfect vaporization from the device.

StandThe rhodium-tipped mouthpiece is a simple, effective solution that facilitates use and gives a full, perfectly clean taste.

VapeThe Xhale uses an all-glass vapor path, meaning the thick, tasty clouds of vapor you inhale are not contaminated in any way by electrical components, plastics, or a heating element.

Warrantythe fact that the taste and purity of the vapor produced by the VapeXhale EVO vaporizer is second to none!

VapeXhale EVO is not only a powerful vaporizer, but also a very efficient one. It uses technology PerpetuHeat patented by VapeXhale. strong> p>

It is brilliantconvection heating system "on demand" that spreads air around the insideglass ego "bamboo", minimizing waste and maximizing flavor and effect.

The PerpetuHeat system, updated for Cloud EVO, generates consistent, smooth heat very quickly, so no matter what your inhalation style is, you'll always be able to inhale thick, tasty vapor clouds - quickly, without waiting!

VapeXhale Cloud EVO has been designed so that you get the dense, healthiest and most delicious vaporization vapor.


All-glass vapor path Patented convection heating system PHS (perpetuhet heating system)Full range of temperature control li>Automatic shutdown Light, comfortable designDesigned for the vaporization of dried and oils li>Warm-up time: 1-3 minCan be used with any 18.8mm bong


1 VapeXhale EVO ™ NEBULA 1 Standard mouthpiece1 VapeXNail ™ Concentrate Attachment 2 Herb Baskets1 Black VapeXHeat ™ Shield 1 Power adapter1 Manual

The device is not intended for the vaporization of tobacco or tobacco products.
Battery capacity
Not applicable
2 years
Replaceable Battery
Not applicable
Automatic shutdown
Not applicable
Using while charging
Not applicable
Heating method
Temperature range
93ºC - 260ºC
Charging method
Not applicable
Temperature control
Setting to 1 ° C
Bong adapter
Heating chamber
Power method
No reviews

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