PAX 3 portable vaporizer for herbs by Pax labs
PAX 3 portable vaporizer for herbs by Pax labs
PAX 3 portable vaporizer for herbs by Pax labs
PAX 3 portable vaporizer for herbs by Pax labs

PAX 3 Complete Kit Vaporizer, portable for drying wax concentrates

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Portable vaporizer Complete Kit

The newest and best in the category of premium portable vaporizers, PAX 3 matte was created for the vaporization of plant material and concentrates. Controlled by a dedicated application, it enables real personalization of experiences.

INPAX 3 portable aperator is available in the following colors:

  • Matte Black (matte black),
  • Matte Silver (matte silver),
  • Matte Rose Gold (matte rose gold),
  • Matte Teal (matte turquoise)

Note: The PAX app is currently not available for iOS and Apple devices. If you have an application in the app store's download history, you can download it.

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Portable vaporizer PAX 3 matte Complete Kit for plant material and concentrates (PAX Labs Inc.)

PAX vaporizers are the smallest and most discreet premium portable vaporization devices on the market.
, compared to its predecessor PAX 2, has been improved, maintaining the same size and beautiful in its design, which will surely please all fans of PAX Labs Inc. products.

PAX 3 was created in accordance with the principle, let's leave what is good and what works and improve what is in the way. As a result, a product was obtained that looks almost identical to its predecessor, and at the same time the compatibility of all add-ons and accessories intended for PAX 2 was ensured.

Noveltyand in PAX 3:

More battery power (3500 mAh vs. 3000 mAh), which means that the heating chamber heats up much faster and the device is ready for use in 15 seconds.
A special closure of the heating chamber (half-pack lid), which reduces its capacity by half, thanks to which we can vaporize half the amount of plant material without worrying about heating it evenly. People who like to vaporize in short sessions will especially like this option.

To VaporizPAX 3 era, a concentrate adapter is included that allows you to vaporize products with the consistency of butter or wax.
Possiblycontrol via the PAX Vapor App mobile application. In PAX 3, thanks to the PAX Vapor App, you can set the vaporization temperatures accuratelyto one degree and you can set special heating modes:
BOOST: keeps the device warm for a longer period of time, shortens the cooling time
EFFICIENCY: The temperature rises gradually during the vaporization session
STEALTH: the device cools down faster, the LEDs dim
FLAVOR: preserves the taste of the material and saves battery by heating on demand
Vibrating feedback notifying when the device is ready for use.

The Vaporizer PAX 3 Complete Kit includes:

  • PAX vaporizer 3
  • mini-charger
  • flat + convex silicone mouthpiece
  • concentrate adapter
  • magnetic half-pack lid
  • magnetic lid of the heating chamber
  • cleaning set (1 brush, 10 cleaners)
  • multitasking key
  • heating chamber screen (1 in the device + 3 additional)
  • device case

The Pax 3 Vaporizer is covered by a 10-year manufacturer's warranty (PAX Labs Inc.).

PAX 3 vaporizer available in colors:

Matte Black (matte black),
Matte Silver (matte silver),
Matte Rose Gold (matte rose gold),
Matte Teal (matte turquoise),
Glossy Rose Gold (shiny rose gold, version without pax cover)

The device is not intended for the vaporization of tobacco or tobacco products.

Battery capacity
3500 mAh
10 years
Replaceable Battery
Automatic shutdown
Using while charging
Herbs - Concentrates - Waxes
Heating method
Temperature range
180ºC - 220ºC
Charging method
Temperature control
Setting to 1 ° C
PAX Labs Inc
Bong adapter
Opportunity to buy
Heating chamber
stainless steel
Power method
3 Reviews

Klasa sama w sobie
Pax'a miałem okazję testować wcześniej dwukrotnie i trzeba przyznać, że odstaje jakościowo od waporyzerów, które miałem w ręce wcześniej. Chyba musiałem dorosnąć do decyzji o jego zakupie, bo kto normalny wydaje ponad 1000zł na zabawkę, a jednak warto. Wykonany perfekcyjnie, szybko się rozgrzewa i daje niczym nie zakłócony smak dymu.

Czego więcej !
Totalny szok. Mega wygląd, sprzęcik godny polecenia. Posiadam również Crafty i muszę powiedzieć że ma teraz godnego przeciwnika !

Jeżeli ktoś szuka dyskretnego vapo i lubi nowinki tech z tym sprzętem będzie miał mega funn

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