ONA Card - pocket odor neutraliser

ONA Card - pocket odor neutraliser

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ONA Card - pocket odor neutraliser p>

A discreet and effective mini-weapon in the fight against odors. Perfect for use in emergency situations, when, for example, guests are suddenly expected and there is a strange smell in the room.



ONA Card - pocket odor neutraliser h3>

ONA Card is a professional odor neutralizer with a size smaller than a payment card and its thickness is only 9 mm. This will allow you to take it with you and use it in any unpleasant smell situation.

DiscRetnable and effective mini weapon in the fight against bad smell. Perfect for use in emergency situations, when, for example, guests are suddenly expected and there is a strange smell in the room.

A friend of taxi drivers and all carriers who want to provide customers with the most comfortable journey. A few sprays are enough for the air in the room or in the car to smell fresh and pleasant.

Imagineyourself that you enter the public toilet at the train station or gas station and you have the impression that when you catch your breath it is equivalent to suffocation. But you must come in. ONA Card will guarantee you a relatively comfortable stay in such places.

Or anotherexample - women's fitting rooms in shops. Usually you have to wait in line at the booth until one is vacant once you get in, what do you feel?

C.offends your sense of smell? Shopping is stressful, and attention to hygiene is still Achilles' heel of many people. The smell of sweat mixed with perfumes left over from the predecessor is simply disgusting. ONA Card will help you neutralize bad smells quickly and discreetly and you can easily try on clothes.

ONA Card, thoughso inconspicuous, very efficient - min. 100 sprays. It fits freely in the women's itrebce, in a car safe, in a jacket pocket. Next to the keys and documents, it should find its permanent place.

ONA Card is available in two fragrances:

Available fragrances: Apple Crumble and Fresh Linen p>

Capacity: 12ml

Ideal for the immediate neutralization of the air from unpleasant and unpleasant odors, among others:

  • cigarette smoke
  • a musty smell span>
  • the smell of oil and gasoline
  • the smell of food
  • burning
  • solvents, adhesives
  • paints after painting
  • vomit
  • unpleasant smell from shoes
  • as "deodorant" for animals span>
  • all other organic and inorganic fragrances span>

SHE is 100% natural ingredients without chemicals!

1 Reviews

Ładnie pachnie
Polecam! Zapach jest bardzo ładny i produkt szybko neutralizuje te niechciane zapachy. Dobra opcja nie tylko dla palaczy, ale też gdy chcesz szybko pozbyc się zapachu z obiadu.

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