Fenix Pro Vaporizer convection for...
Fenix Pro Vaporizer convection for...
Fenix Pro Vaporizer convection for...
Fenix Pro Vaporizer convection for...
Fenix Pro Vaporizer convection for...
Fenix Pro Vaporizer convection for...
Fenix Pro Vaporizer convection for...
Fenix Pro Vaporizer convection for...
Fenix Pro Vaporizer convection for...
Fenix Pro Vaporizer convection for...

Fenix Pro Vaporizer convection for drying

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Fenix Pro Vaporizer convection for drying

The latest creation from the Fenix product stable.

Fenix Pro vaporizer with the patented, latest ECA convection heating technology.

It combines high heating power with a compact, small size.

It has full temperature control in the range of 160 ° - 221 ° C and an elegant OLED display.


Fenix Pro Vaporizer convection for drying

Fenix presents the newest, revolutionary Fenix Pro vaporizer.

Fenix Pro is a small, compact drying vaporizer that uses the latest ECA (Easy Care Airpath) heating technology.

ECA - an innovation in the world of vaporizers, the air channel is not built into the device, but is fully pulled out.

Fenix Pro Vaporizer

Welcome to the world of Fenix innovation. The Fenix Pro vaporizer is a revolution in terms of the heating system strong>. It uses ECA (Easy Care Airpath) technology. The air and heating duct is not built into the device, but is a separate tool. You can freely take it out and see it at any time. Simply pull the mouthpiece off the device and then press down on the strainer with the magenta chamber rod on the bottom of the device. Then the heating and air duct will be completely exposed.

ECA - completelyfree air channel, easy to remove and clean. There has never been anything like this before. You no longer have to worry about drought residues remaining in the device.

Compact size, elegant design

The Fenix Pro Vaporizer combines the latest ECA heating technology with an incredibly elegant, modern design. All this is closed in a small, handy device that easily fits in a hand or pocket. Until now, producers had to decide on a compromise between the appearance and the bestnewer technology that could not be contained in a small device. Fenix Pro is the perfect combination of design and heating power. Histhe dimensions are: 5.2 cm x 2.5 cm x 8.4 cm (without the glass mouthpiece) and only 5.2 cm x 2.5 cm x 10.2 cm with the glass mouthpiece.

Full temperature control, OLED display

The Fenix Pro vaporizer has a large, double OLED 0.96 inch display. It has been divided into two parts: the upper area of the display is reserved for temperatures, and the lower area for times. The display shows the set and actual temperature, time and battery charge level at the same time.

The adjustable timer on the dual display allows you to freely choose the evaporation time from 3 to 6 minutes. Behindbefore the FENiX Pro switches itself off automatically, you can control the lapse of time on the display and, if necessary, simply extend or shorten the time - individually to your needs.

Fenix Pro has full temperature control to a degree in the range: 160 ° - 221 ° C.

Features of Fenix Pro:

  • Revolutionary convection heating system ECA - Easy Care Airpath
  • Easy to clean, removable air channel
  • Extendable, adjustable thick black glass mouthpiece li>
  • Safe materials li>
  • Fully insulated air path
  • Pure, high-quality vaporization flavor li>
  • Optimized airflow to prevent drag
  • Large displaybut OLED divided into 2 parts
  • Accurate temperature control down to the degree in the range: 160 ° - 221 ° C
  • Fast heat up time: 25 seconds
  • Adjustable lifetime of 3-6 minutes
  • Vibration function
  • Easy-to-use
  • Auto-off function

Device dimensions: h2>

5.2 cm x 2.5 cm x 8.4 cm (without glass mouthpiece)

5.2 cm x 2.5 cm x 10.2 cm with a glass mouthpiece

2 years
Replaceable Battery
Automatic shutdown
Heating method
Temperature range
160ºC - 220ºC
Charging method
micro USB
Temperature control
Setting to 1 ° C
Heating chamber
stainless steel
Power method
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Marka Fenix jest kolejnym producentem sprzętu do waporyzacji, który odznacza się nowatorskimi rozwiązaniami technologicznymi oraz bezpiecznym i prostym użytkowaniem dla każdego zwolennika bezdymnych inhalacji. Dzięki vaporizerom Fenix wzniesiesz swój dotychczasowy standard na zupełnie inny poziom. Produkty brandu Fenix Mini to prawdziwy hit sprzedażowy, który dzięki niewielkiemu rozmiarowi, efektywnej produkcji pary i prostej obsłudze skradł serca dużej liczby klientów. W naszej ofercie jest również dostępny Fenix 2.0 – prawdziwa nowość i kolejna nieszablonowa pozycja na rynku przenośnych vaporizerów. W sklepie dostępne są również dodatkowe akcesoria, jak zapasowe ustniki czy wymienne komory suszu, które mają jeszcze mocniej podnieść Twój komfort podczas codziennej waporyzacji. Wybierz coś, na co zasługujesz – światową jakość za uczciwe pieniądze.

1 Reviews

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Polecam, dobry sprzęcik.

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