FENIX Mini Vaporizer is a portable...
FENIX Mini Vaporizer is a portable...
FENIX Mini Vaporizer is a portable...
FENIX Mini Vaporizer is a portable...
FENIX Mini Vaporizer is a portable...

FENIX Mini Vaporizer is a portable convection vaporizer for herbs

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Fenix Mini Convection Portable Vaporizer h3>

Discreet, in the palm of your hand, charged with a USB cable.
It has a full range of temperature selection.
Fenix Mini is made of high-quality materials, which ensures pure taste.
An ideal proposition for people looking for an effective, but small portable device.

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Fenix Mini Vaporizer

Fenix Miniis a vaporizer with a hybrid heating system. It uses both conduction and convection heating. It has a battery with a capacity of 1600 mAh. and temperature range from 160 ° C - 220 ° C, temperature can be set to 1 degree. The OLED display is very sharp and clear, you can easily read all messages on it. Charging time of the device is approximately 90 minutes. The Vaporshop.pl store is the exclusive distributor of the Fenix Mini vaporizer.

KoThe heating chamber of the vaporizer is made of stainless steel. The device uses a combination of convection (heating with hot air) and conduction (heating from the chamber walls). As a result, the device produces high-tasting steam.

ltr "> The heating system in Fenix Mini has been designed in a very simple way, which ensures high efficiency. The heating element is located below the chamber, and just below it is a channel through which cold air passes. By using such a solution we can enjoy a very good system Air path that passes through the heating chamber from the bottom Thanks to the placement of air inlets at the bottom of the device, we can manually control the amount of air drawn in. Guarantee of originality at the Vaporshop.pl store

Mouthpiece in officezeniu is made of plastic, silicone and a glass sleeve, co makes the steam produced in the device cool and of good quality. The unique structure of the mouthpiece, combined with a very good heating system and a very clear air passage, makes itFenix Miniit is very effective in producing steam. An important advantage of this model is the temperature control to one degree, which makes it easier to use the device with various types of drought.

Fenix Miniis the perfect device for people who want to start their adventure with vaporization. Thanks to its small size, the vaporizer will be perfect both at home and outdoors. An important aspect of using vaporization is limiting the absorption of tar that arises as a result of combustion. The vaporizer heats the to the desired temperature, but does not burn it. In this way, we are able to obtain the maximum amount of active substances derived from dried herbs.

r ">Battery

Fenix Mini vaporizeris equipped with a built-in 1600mAh battery. It will allow for about 40 minutes of work, but it all depends on the set temperatures. The working time will be shortened when we set the working temperature at the highest level, and it will be longer when they are lower temperatures. The charging time depends on the type of charger. We suggest charging with weaker chargers, it will definitely extend the battery life. The charging socket is micro-USB, so we can even charge from lapsbye.

Heating chamber

The heating chamber of the Fenix Mini is placed in a very convenient place, which facilitates the application of herbs (it is available directly under the mouthpiece). The capacity of the chamber is about 0.20g to 0.25g of herbs. Fenix Mini Vaporizer strong>also copes very well with smaller amounts - the so-called micro-dosing.

It is very good practice to clean your device - the heating chamber, and the mouthpiece itself after 1, maximum 2 sessions. Thanks to this, we will always enjoy very good taste and plenty of steam.

Display h2>

The display in the Fenix Mini vaporizer is very easy to read. All information is displayed in high resolution for easy reading. The digital display shows us such information as: set temperature, battery level and time remaining until the end of the session.

Mode of action:

  1. To start the session, slightly tilt the part with the mouthpiece - it acts on the latch. There we find a stainless steel heating chamber with a capacity of about 0.15 g.
  2. Wait is important that the herbs are medium ground and not to be stuffed to the limits in the chamber. This will avoid burning the cartridge around the edges, and will also facilitate air flow and the inhalation itself.
  3. After turning onWhen the device is turned off (five times the power button is clicked) a greeting will appear on the screen, followed byit will count down until the desired temperature is reached. It takes about 20 seconds.
  4. Inside, just above the chamber, you can also find two LEDs that indicate the status of the device - red: warming up, green: ready.
  5. Mr.The temperature level is selected manually by using two buttons located on the side of the device, just below the power button.
  6. After the session is over, it is a good idea to empty the used load and clean the chamber.


Heating chamberstainless steel
Dimensions5cm x 8cm x 2.5cm
Warm-up time30 seconds
Temperature range160-221 ° C td>
Battery1600 mAh
Loading strong> micro-USB port


  • Fenix Mini - 1 piece
  • USB cable - 1 piece li>
  • cleaning brush - 1 piece
  • stirrer - 1 piece
  • tweezers - 1 piece
  • user manual li>


The device is not intended for the vaporization of tobacco or tobacco products.

2 years
Replaceable Battery
Automatic shutdown
Using while charging
Herbs - Concentrates
Heating method
Convection / Conduction
Temperature range
160 ° C - 221 ° C
160ºC - 220ºC
Charging method
micro USB
Temperature control
Setting to 1 ° C
Bong adapter
Power method
Fenix Mini - Curved glass mouthpiece Fenix Mini - Curved glass mouthpiece 2
Fenix Mini - Curved glass mouthpiece A glass mouthpiece that fits the Fenix Mini portable vaporizer. It has a unique curved shape/ p> It cools the steam and improves the taste of vaporized droughts.
Bubbler XL 420VAPE for the Fenix Mini vaporizer, water filter Bubbler XL 420VAPE for the Fenix Mini vaporizer, water filter 2
Bubbler XL 420VAPE for the Fenix Mini vaporizer, water filterFilter cap - Bubbler XL for the Fenix Mini vaporizer. Made of borosilicate glassbr />It has a built-in drying chamber with a capacity of about 0.2 g.
Fenix Mini - Glass cooling mouthpiece
Fenix Mini - Cooling glass mouthpiece 3D 420VAPE Additional 3D cooling mouthpiece for the Fenix Mini vaporizer. Made of borocream glass/ p> It has a unique, curved shape/ p> It cools down the vaporization vapor.
Mini Bubbler with a drying chamber for the Fenix Mini 420VAPE vaporizer Mini Bubbler with a drying chamber for the Fenix Mini 420VAPE vaporizer 2
Mini Bubbler with a drying chamber for the Fenix Mini 420VAPE vaporizer A filtering cap with a built-in drying chamber for the Fenix Mini vaporizer. Made of glass/ p> Provides advanced filtration, extends the capabilities of the device. Also fits: Fury Smono 3.3 Volkenkraft Fenix PRO
Mini Bubbler 420VAPE for the Fenix Mini vaporizer Mini Bubbler 420VAPE for the Fenix Mini vaporizer 2
Mini Bubbler 420VAPE Shadow for Fenix Mini A small 420VAPE bubbler for the Fenix Mini vaporizer/ p> Equipped with a drying chamber with a capacity of 0.1 g. Provides advanced filtration and cools the steam. Made of borosilicate glass/ p> There is the 420VAPE logo on the body of the bubbler/ p>
Set - Fenix Mini + Volcano Grinder + Bubbler 420VAPE Set - Fenix Mini + Volcano Grinder + Bubbler 420VAPE 2
  • Pack
Set - Fenix Mini + Volcano Grinder + Bubbler 420VAPE h3>The set includes: Fenix Mini vaporizer, Volcano grinder and glass Bubbler 420VAPE. Everything you need for vaporization in a convenient set.Grinder ensures quick grinding of dried material.Bubbler is responsible for cooling and filtration of steam.
Set - Fenix Mini + 1g CBD +...
  • Pack
Fenix Mini set + 1g CBD + Mouthpiece + herbs 3x10 g h2> Vaporization kit which includes: Fenix Mini Dry Vaporizer CBD dry 1 g Glass cooling mouthpiece 3 Packaging of herbs for vaporization: plantain lanceolate 10 g Green tea with Yerba Mate 10 g, Sage 10 g
7 Reviews

Zdecydowanie polecam ! w tej cenie nie dostaniecie nic lepszego. Ilość gratów do tego wapka to obłęd ! Buszek z filtracją wodną to poezja

Jeden z ulubionych
Mam i używam już od kilku lat. Bardzo dobry wapek, obok DynaVap mój ulubiony. Niewielki, a daje naprawde dużo pary. Łatwy w obsłudze. Dobrze działa że szklanym ustnikiem lub bubblerem. Stosunek ceny do jakości in plus.

Naprawdę fajny sprzęt.

Lepiej niż się spodziewałem
Przetestowany chwilę po otwarciu paczki. Świetna sprawa. Nie spodziewałem się, że aż tak mi się spodoba. Nie drapie w gardło, w smaku 100x lepszy niż tradycyjne metody. Polecam gorąco, w tej cenie się opłaca.
P. S. dziękuję za naklejki i za krówki mordoklejki :) przydały się wieczorem

Dobry sprzęt
Produkt bardzo dobry,solidny. Jakość do ceny bardzo dobra. Jest to hybryda z przewagą konwekcji. Polecam i pozdrawiam.

Mały ale wariat :D duzo pary, smaczna, mała komora tez dla mnie plus. mistrz szybkich akcji.

Najlepszy waporyzator jaki istnieje !! W tej cenie oczywiści. Ale tak szczerze jakoś pary oraz jeje ilość bije na łep naprzykład flowrmata pro. Nie wiele mu brakuje również do DaVinci IQ też miałem okazje vapować i muszę powiedzieć że wolę Fenixa mini za całokształt. Jedynym minusem minusem jest mała bateria i fakt że jest nie wymienna

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