VapCap DynaVap NONAVONG-S Vaporizer - LightWood color

VapCap DynaVap NONAVONG-S Vaporizer - LightWood color

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VapCap DynaVap NONAVONG-S Vaporizer - LightWood color

Manual vaporizer with the possibility of attaching to a 14 mm bong.

Small, elegant with an amazing design.
It works with a lighter or other heat source.
Prit restores pure, high-quality steam.
Exwains of titanium and exotic wood.
High-level vaporization at a favorable price!


VapCap DynaVap NONAVONG-S Vaporizer - LightWood color

Nonavong Lightwood is an elegant and virtually indestructible smoke-free vaporizer from DynaVap. It is heated by a flame. It has a "click" temperature indicator. Ti Woody, with its small size, is able to produce extremely satisfying dense and tasty vapor.

Nonavong-S is the older brother of Ti Woody, with 14mm cone built into the torso. The Nonavong features all of the same components as Ti Woody, but has a VonG section rather than a straight center section. This model includes a type coreLightWood Tem Midsection, and a revolving wooden spinning mouthpiece.

The tip of the Nonavong Blackwood is made of titanium, the body is made of (exotic) hardwood, which creates an elegant yet very strong vaprizer.

The Nonavong Blackwood is one of the smallest vaporizers ever made/ p>

Dimensions: length 92 mm!

Nonavong Lightwood fits any 14mm bong!

Like all DynaVap Nonavong - lightwood - it is equipped with a signature to indicate the temperature (the device makes a clicking sound when heated enough), ensuring simplicity and efficiency of use.

VapCapNonavong Blackwood isvery easy to use:

  1. Remove the small metal plug and insert the ground (or small pieces of veins) into the chamberwicy).
  2. Close the cap again.
  3. Bring heat (with a lighter) to the side of the VapCap by turning it until you feel or hear a click.
  4. Once clicked, it is ready to use. Breathe in and enjoy amazing vaporization!
  5. Once VapCap has cooled down, it will notify you again by clicking.

It can be used with any source of heat, such as lighters, burners, candles.


  • DynaVap Nonavong-s Lightwood Vaporizer
  • Protective tube for storing DynaVap

Color / type of wood:Lightwood


The device is not intended for the vaporization of tobacco or tobacco products.

Battery capacity
Not applicable
2 years
Replaceable Battery
Not applicable
Automatic shutdown
Not applicable
Using while charging
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Heating method
Convection / Conduction
Temperature range
Charging method
Not applicable
Temperature control
Bong adapter
Heating chamber
Power method
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