A bong, also known as a hookah, is a device used to smoke herbs. It differs from regular smoking by filtering the smoke with water among other things. The resulting smoke is pre-purified by water, which removes many different toxins from it and the smell that worsens the aroma of the drought. There are hundreds of different bongos on the market that differ in terms of appearance, size, type of finish or purpose. Many people mistakenly assume that the use of a bong ends when the mouthpiece is removed from the mouth, but nothing could be further from the truth. For the bong to function properly, it should be cleaned and washed regularly. Failure to do so may result in the device becoming covered with dirt that cannot be removed.

Bongo - the hookah that took over the world

Bongo is a not very complicated device that has been known for a very long time. It consists, among other things, of a quite capacious jug into which clean water is poured, a body and a hose with a mouthpiece, which can be made of metal, wood, rubber or other plastic. Hookahs made of glass are currently the most popular. They are the most attractive you can get all the timeadmire the physical process of smoke filtration by creating a vacuum, and also look dignified in every room. However, they have one big disadvantage - difficulties in keeping the device properly clean.

Why is it worth cleaning a bong?

The smoke created by burning herbs only seemingly seems clear and crystalline. In fact, however, it is full of many tar substances, including the health-threatening ones that accumulate in the bongos. The first stains can be seen after a few uses, and the appearance of subsequent layers is only a matter of time. Many users think that bongs are not exposed to dirt build-up and do not bother cleaning the device at least every few sessions. What's the effect? Very uninteresting external appearance of a neglected and dirty device, as well as deterioration of the aroma and taste of inhaled smoke. Unfortunately, most bong fans only notice it when it is too late to clean it properly, so they are forced to buy a new device, spending more money unnecessarily.

Remove the smell from your bong!

For many people, the use of a bong is not only inhaling active substances contained in some herbs, but also a way of spending free time. This is where the smoke flavor matters most. In bongs with a lot of impurities deposited on the internal walls of the device, it is impossible to obtain the full aromagiven herb species. Different flavors from previous sessions mix, and the growth of fungus and mold causes the smoke to permeate with a musty smell. If you feel that the smoke from your bong has lost its charm, it feels less interesting and harsher - be sure to clean the device to regain the full joy of smoking herbs the right way.

Restore the attractive style of the bong

For many bongos lovers, their design is important. There is a reason why producers pay a lot of attention to their style. Glass bongs are particularly interesting, but also the most difficult to maintain, because the dirt depositing inside them is clearly visible at first glance. Contamination caused by the build-up of tar on the walls is particularly annoying. A brown, rusty or greenish coating makes even the most beautiful and unusual bongs quickly become old, worn-out and unattractive equipment, which should only be placed at the bottom of the wardrobe or in the garbage can. Prevent this from happening and clean your bong regularly so that no dirt has time to build up.

Dishwasher cube - the best way to clean the interior bonga

A great way to clean glass bongos is with dishwasher blocks. They can remove the most stubborn dirt that cannot be removed in any other way. First of all, you must plug all holes and slots in the bong so that the water poured into it cannot escape from it. Many people use corks or adhesive tape for this purpose. After all the holes are closed - except for the mouthpiece - put one dishwasher cube inside, and then pour boiling water over the device, which will stimulate the cube to work and start the appropriate chemical reaction. Do not worry, the cubes for use in dishwashers are fully adapted to their use with glassware, do not damage their surface and do not change transparency. A characteristic effect of the block will be the formation of a large amount of foam that will be released through the mouthpiece, so it is best to put the device in a sink or a large container. Leave the bong filled with the solution for about half an hour, then pour out the entire contents and wash the inside thoroughly. Dishwasher bars have an intense smell and a lot of chemicals, so they should be removed with traditional washing agents.

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