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In the article below, you will learn a bit more about how the vaporizers currently on the market work and what type to choose to meet your expectations. The most important element that influences the inhalation process is the type of heater used in the device. At the moment, you can meet three different types of CBD vaporizers that differ in the way they heat up the dried plants. What are the differences between the various devices? Which ones are worth choosing and what are categorically avoiding? You can find out all of this now.

CBD vaporizer - what is it? CBD vaporizer is a device that is primarily used for efficient heating of dried plants or concentrates, extracting all active substances from them. You can say that CBD vaporizers allow you to efficiently inhale the body with interesting herbal combinations that are heated to the right temperature. It is very important not to burn the material, so modern vaporizers are equipped with control modules. As a result, reducing or increasing the temperature in the device has become simple and fast.

There are various types of vaporization devices available on the market. The basic division is divided into portable and stationary, which are made of the best quality materials used in medicine. As a result of such actions, you can be sure that all devices are completely safe for the body, and using them will not cause any side effects.

CBD convection vaporizers - how do they work?

CBD vaporizer models that work by convection have many advantages, but not without their disadvantages. The steam that is produced by this type of device is of much better quality than that produced by other heating processes. It is worth noting that the convective method of heating the herbs will also help to get a better taste of the steam and get most of the active substances out of it. If you want to enjoy the unique taste of herbs, this type of device is just for you. Remember that in this case the dry is only heated when you take a draw, which reduces its excessive consumption. The huge disadvantage of this solution, however, is the high energy consumption, which significantly reduces the operating time of the device on a single charge.

Convection models also require long inhalations, which is why they are especially recommended for people who inhale alone and focus on the taste and quality of the steam produced. An interesting fact is that convection does not require thorough grinding and crushing of the dried material with its subsequent stuffing in the heating chamber. In this case, it is better when the dried material is in slightly larger pieces, thanks to which the stream of warm air will better penetrate its structure, extracting most of the active ingredients that have a positive effect on the human body.

Conductive CBD vaporizers - what is it about?

Conductive CBD vaporizers are the ones that allow for a longer vaporization session. It is worth remembering that this type of devices heats up the herbs throughout their operation, as well as between the pause for exhalation. This increases the material consumption slightly, but uses less energy. This type of vaporizers is perfect for a larger group of people who inhale cannabis. Most of the current vaporizers have terminals that allow them to be connected to a bong or other steam devices. The puff technique on conduction models is simple. It is enough to do it evenly and slowly. It is worth mentioning here that conduction models can work for a very long time on a single charge, and their design will be much better for beginners due to the ease of use.

Conduction or convection - what to choose?

It is difficult to clearly answer the question which CBD vaporizer to choose. In the case of of conduction devices, you must remember to fill the heating chamber to the brim with plant material, because then vaporization will be the most effective. In this case, the heat from the heater is transferred to the entire surface of the dried fruit.

In models convection heat is streamed by drought inside the heating chamber, thanks to which there is much less material consumption. You should also remember that convection is a much more economical method that allows you to develop good-quality steam with the right smell and taste. Also remember that convection vaporizers do not like when the herbs are excessively compacted in the heating chamber.

Once you know what the difference between a convection and conduction CBD vaporizer is, you can make a choice based on your own experience and information. Always pay attention to how the device is made, from what materials and whether it meets all safety standards. For inhalation of herbs, these are the key aspects affecting the level of satisfaction with vaporization.

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