What is vaporization?

The concept of vaporization has become very popular recently, but contrary to appearances, the word has a really long history. This term has long been used to describe the phenomenon of water evaporation. Its current popularity, however, results from the emergence of a new method of extracting active substances from herbs, a kind of substitute for standard smoking, which is generally considered much healthier.

And so, vaporization today means the evaporation of active substances from herbs, i.e. obtaining them by heating the herb, instead of smoking it in a traditional way. For this purpose, special devices are used, vaporizers, which are usually equipped with an electric heater and a battery (to put it simply, of course) to heat the herbs. In this process, only active substances are released, there is no smoke, and with it various types of tar.

Why is vaporization better than smoking?

What is it that makes vaporization so popular nowadays, leaving traditional methods of smoking dried herbs far behind? Yes, you guessed it right, it is primarily about health issues.

The product of the inflorescence combustion process are not only active substances, but also smoke, the composition of which often includes a wide cross-section of the Mendel tableejewa, elements that are heavy and dangerous to health. Although we feel pleasure, we are also aware that we are poisoning our body and adversely affecting our health.

Using for this purpose vaporizers, the problem of drawing smoke into our lungs completely disappears. When the inflorescence is heated, a vapor filled with aroma and active substances is produced, without harmful chemical compounds, so inhalation becomes much less hazardous to health. It is also worth mentioning that vaporization may involve not only the physical heating of the herbs, but also the concentrate prepared on its base, of course, depending on the chosen device.

However, this is not the only reason why more and more people turn to vaporizers. Health is extremely important, but everyone cares about the best possible taste. Here is another advantage of these devices. The lack of smoke does not disturb the taste and aroma of the steam generated in the process of heating the inflorescence. Vaporization enthusiasts agree that the pleasure of inhaling in this form is much greater than in the case of regular combustiondrought.

The advantages also include convenience. The vaporizer can be a portable device, it is always easy to use and you can enjoy the inhalation in virtually all conditions, whenever you want to.

Which vaporizer should you choose?

So far, we have tried to explain the operation of vaporizers and show their advantages, which distinguish this equipment from the traditional method of smoking herbs. It's time to get down to business, because the concept of a vaporizer covers many types of devices and people who are just starting to delve into this topic may have a problem with choosing.

Portable and stationary vaporizers

The first thing that catches the eye is, of course, the variety of the devices themselves. The market offers inhalation equipment in pocket versions, very small and much larger, mainly for home use, most often with slightly greater possibilities. It is also a multitude of shapes of the housings themselves, their colors and often decorative graphics that can be found on the equipment.

Under itangle, the choice of vaporizers in our offer is really wide. For lovers of mobile equipment that allows inhalation literally anywhere, we can offer PAX 3, Arizer Argo and Flowermate V5 Nano models, among others. It is an absolute noveltywhileDaVinci MIQRO vaporizerand we encourage you to familiarize yourself with this equipment, because it is really worth the money.

Among the larger devices, models such as Mighty or Ghost MV1 are certainly very popular, which, of course, are also available in our online store.

As a curiosity, we must add that apart from typically electronic devices, there are also manual vaporizers. This device is extremely small and, unlike other vaporizers, we generate the heat source ourselves, for example through the flame from a lighter. However, this is still a very clean inhalation, as the manual device also does not generate smoke or any tar.

Convection, conduction and hybrid - 3 heating systems

The appearance, size and electronic or manual form are one thing, but probably the most important thing that distinguishes these devices on the market are heating systems.

Delving into the offer of our store, you can find the following solutions in this matter:

  • convection - in this system, the inflorescence is heated with air previously heated by a heating element. Vaporizer generates high-quality vapor, full of active substances and the deepest taste values,
  • conduction - in the case of conduction, the herbs are heated directly by the walls of the chamber in which they are placed. The heating time is shorter than with a convection system and therefore the energy consumption is lower. For this reason, this solution is often found in portable vaporizers,
  • hybrid - as it is easy to guess, a hybrid is a combination of both previously described systems. The solutions used by manufacturers in this case can be very different from each other, depending on the specific device.

However, this is a very strong generalization of the topic of various heating systems, which is much more extensive and, in our opinion, extremely interesting.

If you are also interested in it, please see our more extensive one article on this topic. Getting to know the heating systems will make it easier for you to choose a vaporizer, its perfect adjustment to your individual needs. 

Herbs vaporization

We already know what vaporization itself is, we know some basics of how vaporizers work, and we have learned about the basic differences between devices available on the market. So the question is, what inflorescences can be used for this really healthy inhalation? In fact, a lot depends on the individual preferences of each person. The most popular herbs are:

  • lanceolate plantain,
  • Asian basil,
  • St. John's wort,
  • Echinacea purple,
  • valerian.

    If you want to learn more about the inflorescences used in aromatherapeutic vaporization, we encourage you to read this extensive article. It is a real compendium of knowledge about the most popular herbs that you should read before buying your first set.

    Onmore vaporizer suggestions

    Finally, we would like to present a few proposals for aromatherapy devices, which, in our opinion, offer an ideal compromise between price, quality of workmanship and the pleasure of inhaling.

    If you don't know for what portable vaporizer it is worth betting, then we can propose:
    • Arizer SOLO 2 - elegant, with a very strong battery and with precise heating temperature control,
    • Arizer Air 2 - compact, offering pure taste while inhaling, with a replaceable battery and a ceramic heating element.

    In case ofstationary vaporizers a very good choice in our opinion will be:

    • Volcano - German manufacturing precision and high quality of the materials used. The device meets the highest safety standards, which has been confirmed by the TUV certificate. It is this vaporizer that is most often recommended for medicinal inhalation,
    • Arizer Extreme Q - device with a very interesting shape of Canadian production, multifunctional, fast and with the possibility of precise temperature regulation. The vaporizer also offers remote operation via the included remote control.

  • Not all clear?
    If the above article did not clarify all your doubts, please contact our specialists who will be happy to answer all your questions

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