The latest work of DaVinci - Vaporizer IQ - a step towards perfection

IQ Vaporizer
is the latest product of DaVinci, which at the end of 2016 presented its third product.

DaVinci Classic Vaporizer was launched on the market in 2012. Shortly afterwards, in 2013, DaVinci launched Ascent Vaporizer. We had to wait for the next product until the end of 2016, but the long waiting period made IQ Vaporizer one of the best vaporizers.

The most important feature is the size - it is small, it fits easily in the hand. It is true that IQ is not the lightest, because the weight is 145 g, but you can say that thanks to this you can feel the quality of workmanship. The buttons on the housing are solid. The appearance of the housing gives the impression that while holding the IQ in hand, we are sure that the manufacturer did not save on anything and simply focused on the highest quality components.

Other features that should be mentioned are that the device doesef = "">exchangeable mouthpieces. The two additional zirconium dioxide mouthpieces (10 mm and concave) included in the kit can be used with a water bong, which DaVinci offers at an additional cost.

The set also includes an additional, made of zirconium dioxide, chamber for additional aroma.

When it comes to functionality, the IQ is characterized by a short heating time and intelligent heating of the chamber.

In the set with DaVinci IQ we find:

  • Removable 18650 battery; the battery with a capacity of 3500 mAh gives about 50-80 minutes of use; after the battery is completely discharged, recharging it takes about 4 hours; this time can be shortened to 2 hours using a charger, so it is worth buying an additional battery if you are going to have longer vaporization sessions.
  • Smakowa to which you can load e.g. mint; this chamber is heated only partially, so there is no complete vaporization process; the taste chamber should be cleaned as often as possible; you can simply pull it out and soak it in alcohol, then wipe it and it will be like new.
  • The main chamber, która is very easy to use; it is recommended to clean the main chamber after each vaporization session to ensure a continuous airflow; preferably after each useclean it with a brush or blow it out; a fully charged chamber holds about 0.3 g of herbs.
  • Mouthpieces
  • USB cable

To sum up, DaVinci as a company tried to take care of every detail in IQ Vaporizer. The main advantages of this product are small dimensions, high-quality workmanship, the possibility of using an application, additional mouthpieces, the possibility of connecting to a glass bong, a replaceable battery and a 10-year warranty provided by the manufacturer. Disadvantages are hard to find, it is possible that some people will be bothered by the fact that the device heats up during longer sessions. However, if you are looking for a vaporizer that is supposed to be a Ferrari among vaporizers, DaVinci's IQ Vaporizer is definitely the top shelf. For connoisseurs of good smoke, quality is important, and in this case the price of the device is similar to the price of Crafty or PAX 3.

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