Unique accessories for the Fenix Mini

Fenix Mini- this name does not need to be introduced to fans of vaporization. This device has gained immense popularity on the Polish market and is invariably one of the best-selling portable vaporizers. How did he steal the hearts of inhalation lovers? Above all, the Fenix Mini presents a great price-quality ratio. It is difficult to find a second such device that combines good steam production, high quality of the components used, small size with a pocket-friendly price. What's more, Fenix Mini has several new, interesting additions that extend the capabilities of the device and make vaporization even more satisfying. What are these accessories and how to use them? You will find out in this article. We invite you to read!

Combine Fenix Miniwith a bong

This procedure is loved by all fans of vaporization and not only - a combination of a vaporizer and a water pipe. Fenix Miniit gives you this possibility in a very easy way. What's more, in our offer you will find an adapter - 3in1 adapterthat fits any cut: 10, 14.5 and 18.8 mm. How it's working? You assume with one move 3in1 adapterin place of the mouthpiece and it's ready! You no longer have to deal with matching the bong cut to the adapter or buy several adapters for different water pipes. Now you have it all in one accessory.

Use the glass mouthpiece to cool down the steam

Fenix Mini comes with a mouthpiece made of plastic. This is a good starting point, but we often look for an alternative during longer use. A great solution is 3D mouthpiececooling steam. MouthpieceThis one is made of high-quality borosilicate glass and equipped with special tabs that extend the steam path, thus effectively cooling it. Using a glass mouthpiece also gives a slightly different taste experience (the aroma of the dried fruit seems to be more intense). We recommend it to all users who do not like "hard hit" and for those who want to minimize possible scratching in the throat.

Filter through water

This is probably one of the most interesting proposals inAmong the accessories for the Fenix Mini vaporizer - Bubbler 420VAPEfiltering vaporized vapor through the water. Small, handy, it has a built-in chamber for dried with a capacity of 0.1 g. Bubblerit is made of borosilicate glass in two colors to choose from: standard transparent and shadow. The adapter, with a small size (only 8.5 cm), provides advanced water filtration and steam cooling. How does it work? Pour a small amount of water, no more than 1/4 of the bubbler, preferably just enough to cover the holes at the bottom. Then insert the bubbler into the vaporizer in the mouthpiece and you're done!

We also offer a larger, more extensive version of the bubbler for the Fenix Mini - Bubbler XL 420VAPE. This adapter catches the eye with its unique design and high quality. Like its predecessor, it is made of borosilicate glass and has a built-in drying chamber with a capacity of about 0.2 g.ef bubblerand the way it is used is exactly the same. This adapter will definitely be perfect at home, where we can safely put it away and store it.
Interestingly, it is worth noting that all accessories for the Fenix Mini are also compatible with the following vaporizers: Fury, Fury Edge and Smono. If you have any of these devices, feel free to use the accessories presented in this article.

Fenix Miniit's a vaporizerr, which gained crowds of fans in Poland and around the world. This device has a number of undeniable advantages, which now also includes a large selection of additional parts extending its capabilities. Hardly any vaporizer can boast of such an interesting range of accessories. If you want the inhalation to be as gentle as possible and the least invasive to your health, then choosing a 3D glass mouthpiece or 420VAPE bubbler is the best idea. The 3in1 bong adapter is the perfect solution for those who want to transfer vaporization to a higher level. Adjust the accessory yourself to your needs. It's definitely worth it!

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