A portable vaporizer is a device that is used to heat herbs without smoking them and is currently extremely popular among most lovers of dried herbs. Vaporizers come in several variants that differ, among other things, in terms of use and performance, and therefore also in terms of price. Portable models are inevitably used outside their own place of residence, therefore the batteries located inside are responsible for heating the walls or air, which are very easy to damage due to incorrect use. In this guide, you will learn how to care for the battery and what to do to extend its life.

What does a vaporizer look like and what it is foror portable?

A portable vaporizer is a modern alternative to smoking. The device heats the herbs inside to 220 degrees Celsius without burning them, resulting in the formation of water vapor with aromas and active substances. During combustion, a huge amount of smoke is also produced, which also contains tar substances and toxins, including carcinogens that reduce the absorption of air from the lungs, which results, among other things, in a worse condition.

Vaporizers also differ in the way they heat up the herbs. Conduction models have heated side walls, and convection versions heat the herbs with hot air. The hybrid variants, by far the most expensive, are equipped with both of these technologies.

Battery in a portable vaporizer - basic functions and characteristics

The batteries inside portable vaporizers have enough capacity for many hours of use, but only if they are well cared for. Some users of these devices treat them similarly to mobile phones and do not pay due attention to the proper way of charging or handling this type of equipment. This is a big mistake that can cost you a lot. Models equipped with a built-in battery, which cannot be replaced independently, may be unusable after a few months, because the battery will only provide a few minutes of heating up the herbs. Many variants also lack protection against overcharging, which in addition raises many other problems, including immediate battery destruction. That is why you should follow our advice.

How to care for the battery? Meet some of the bestthe tricks

The most important thing is to check if the portable vaporizer is equipped with anti-overcharging technology. All modern telephones and portable devices have this technology as standard, but it happens that manufacturers of cheaper models give it up to save additional production. Then we ourselves have to decide to disconnect the charger when the battery is full. Missing this moment has immediate and irreversible consequences in the form of bitchescessively reducing the battery capacity. If you can't find this information, please be on the safe side. Only charge the battery when you can unplug it from the charger when fully charged.

If you plan to put your vaporizer on the shelf for several months, e.g. after buying a new model or when you are going abroad for a long time, charge the battery to about half its nominal capacity. Only then is the battery safe and can be stored for several months without affecting its functionality. This is what manufacturers of mobile phones, laptops and tablets do.

Veryo temperature is an important issue. Lithium-ion batteries (the only ones used in portable vaporizers) do not like high temperatures, because they lose their capacity and often voltage as a result of chemical reactions. Just a few hours of exposure to direct sunlight may mean that the battery will not be able to generate sufficient power and will only be suitable for disposal. Therefore, remember to store it responsibly. If you like sunbathing - hide your device in a shaded place where the sun will not shine directly on it.

Make up your mind about na model with a replaceable battery. This is usually the best solution, which means that even making many mistakes related to incorrect use of the battery will not be too expensive. You can replaceReplace the battery, if necessary, with a completely new one and regain full efficiency of the device. However, it is worth remembering that it can often be very difficult to buy a new battery. Batteries are not standardized and therefore vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and are not interchangeable.

Necessarilytake care of your battery!

If you cannot easily replace the battery, be sure to take care of it. You will extend the durability and functionality of your device and will be able to use it for many years after the purchase. Vaporizers are relatively expensive devices, especially when you choose a top-shelf model.

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