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DynaVap VapCapis definitely one of the most interesting products among portable vaporizers. The manufacturers of this device revolutionized the market by creating a manual vaporizer that works without batteries or electronics. It's a small device VapCap Mis only 92 mm, and the VapCap XL 109 mm, impresses with its simplicity of operation and enormous efficiency in steam production. The great quality of the components used and the high flavor of the vapor are other undeniable advantages of this vaporizer. What's more, there are many interesting accessories on the market that, among other things, allow you to combine DynaVap with a bong, allow you to use several DynaVaps at the same time, facilitate heating and removal of used herbs from the chamber, and many more. What are these accessories and how to use them? You will find out in this article. Welcome!

Heat the drought, but do not set it on fire

Heating DynaVapa is a very important skill that determines whether we use the device correctly. As we wrote in the introduction, this vaporizer does not have a heating element or a battery. and informs us about reaching the right temperature with a click. It is important to heat extract the active substances from the dried fruit, without causing it to burn. The most obvious choice for this is a burner or a lighter, but this solution requires some practice (you may miss the click sound and burn the load), or you can accidentally burn your hand. For people who are looking for something more comfortable, we recommend itrshop.pl/pl/strona-glowna/3424-nagrzewnica-indukcyjna-do-waporyzatora-dynavap-vapcap-.html ">induction heater .This small device allows you to heat the vaporizer very quickly and, above all, safely, without the need to use a live flame. How it's working? All you have to do is place the DynaVapa loaded with herbs into a specially designated hole and wait for the click. Warm-up time is approx. 6-7 seconds, so it takes really little time. In the middle of the heater, there is a circular field with a magnet that allows you to safely put down and descend the vaporizer in an upright position. The device is small (9 x 5 x 3.5 cm), handy, it can be placed permanently e.g. on a desk, which is a very convenient solution if you vape mainly at home. Heaterthis is definitely a remarkable proposition!

Combine DynaVap with a hookah

DynaVap VapCapis a unique vaporizer under wielowa respects. Simple construction and patented click-heating technology make it difficult to compare to any other device. Its small size and high steam production also speak in favor of it. However, to make vaping with DynaVapa as enjoyable as possible, it is worth choosing a few accessories for it. You don't like using the burner? Then it is worth choosing a heater. Or maybe it is important for you to quickly empty the herbs from the chamber so that you can start the next session right away? Then a debowler will be perfect. Water filtration and DynaVapa to bong connection? No problem! One of the adapters available from us is perfect for this. The choice of accessories is really large and everyone will find something for themselves. Welcome!The possibility of combining DynaVapa with a bong is another interesting solution that we can make thanks to some interesting novelties that have appeared in our store's offer. How can this be done? Preferably with a specially designed adapter. We highly recommend it for this purpose 3 in 1 adapter 420VAPEthat allows you to combine DynaVapa with any bong with a 10, 14 or 18 mm cut. How it's working? We already explain. Place the dry-filled DynaVapa in the adapter and heat it with a torch or heater, then put the adapter in a water pipe and it's ready! In our store's offer you will also find adapteras intended only for 10 mm or 14 mm grinding. It is also an interesting tool spiral adapter connecting DynaVap with a 14mm bong . Made of borosilicate glass, it is distinguished by its unusual structure and the fact that it has a Turbo function.

Use several DynaVaps simultaneously

This solution is a treat for fans of stronger sensations - the possibility of inhalation with several DynaVaps at one time. It is possible thanks to specially designed tools. In our offer you will adapter for twoor3 DynaVap chambers. They are made of high temperature resistant borosilicate glass,they work great with the heater. Adapter for two chambersit is suitable both for direct inhalation (it has a long tube that acts as a mouthpiece) but can also be attached to a bong with any cut (fits 10, 14 and 18 mm). Whileef adapter for 3 chambersonly fits 14 mm ground joint.

Filter through the water with a bubbler

Additional filtration is a very important issue for those who like the most gentle and the least invasive vaporization. We highly recommend it for this purpose bubbler - mini hookah 420VAPE which, thanks to the use of water, cools down and breaks down the steam. Bubbler fits directly into DynaVapa, bYou don't need any extra adapter to use it. It is small, very handy, you can even keep it in your pocket. It is available in two sizes: baby bong height 7 cm andbaby bong xl height 10 cm . How to use it? Nothing simpler: fill the bubbler with water up to ¼ of its height (no more than halfway), then place the DynaVapa canopy in a boilie and start heating. Now you can enjoy perfectly chilled and filtered steam.

Easy removal of dried material with a debowler

The last of the DynaVapa accessories is stand - debowler 420VAPE. What to it is actually and how does it work? We already explain. A certain difficulty when using DynaVapa is the fact that the vaporizer is very hot after the session. We cannot put it on a table, for example, we need a safe place where the device can overcool. A stand will be perfect for this purpose - a debowler, which is made of aluminum and has a built-in magnet on which you can place DynaVapa in an upright position and wait until it cools down. And how it debowler? Well, this stand has two special pins that allow the herbs to be emptied from the chamber. Pins - toothpicks are made of metal, so we can do it even when the device is still hot. What is more, we can collect the used herbs in the debowler bowl. This is a very useful solution, especially for those who don't like too long intervals between sessions.

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