Purified hemp fiber 1.5g

Purified hemp fiber 1.5 g

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Purified Hemp Fiber 1.5 g - Degummed hemp fibers

100% natural, purified hemp fibers.

Thanks to them, you can safely evaporate wax or concentrates in the vaporizer.


Maximum service temperature: 240 ° C.

Packaging: 1.5 g.


Purified Hemp Fiber 1.5 g - Degummed Hemp Fibers

Degummed Hemp Fibers - 100% natural, purified hemp fibers.

Tasteless, temperature resistant up to 240 ° C.

The fibers have undergone the process of degumming and discoloration, thanks to which their structure resembles wool.

Thanks to the fibers, you can evaporate the hash and concentrates in the vaporizer.

Many vaporizer users struggle with the problem that they cannot properly evaporate the hash, wax or concentrate in their device.

HasWhen it heats up, your mouth drapes and builds up, which can even damage the appliance.

The solution to this problem is the use of purified hemp fibers.

The fibers added to the heating chamber along with the concentrate will allow the material to evaporate properly and will allow you to enjoy the pure taste of hash or concentrate.

also, the fibers help keep the heating chamber clean and prevent potential damage to the device.

RecommendationYou can use purified hemp fibers to clean the heating chambers in vaporizers and to wash the bong.

After the session is over, wipe the still warm device or bong with hemp fibers. The fibers will easily collect all the dirt.

The maximum temperature for using hemp fibers is 240 ° C.

Packaging: 1.5 g


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