Ghost MV1 portable vaporizers are a real treat for all vaporization enthusiasts who appreciate impeccable taste and ease of use in all conditions. The vaporizer looks very elegant and functional, but at the same time it turns out to be extremely handy and easy to transport.

Ghost MV1 heats up incredibly quickly - as one of the few devices it offers instant on-demand heating (on demand), stands out with its original design, provides large clouds of steam, with high taste values, is intended for various types of materials (dried, concentrates, oils) ), has an innovative system of interchangeable chambers (you can load the material in advance and store it safely in the chamber, you do not have to worry that the device will get dirty).

Portable GHOST MV1 vaporizers
Bubbler 420VAPE for Ghost MV1 water filter Bubbler 420VAPE for Ghost MV1 water filter 2
Bubbler 420VAPE for Ghost MV1 filter cap High quality bubbler for the Ghost MV1 vaporizer. Made of borosilicate glass/ p> Filters and cools down the steam. Increases the efficiency of the vaporizer.
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