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It's worth taking advantage of the attractive offer and ordering reliable spare parts and accessories for vaporizers from reputable companies sold in our country in our professional online store. Order high-quality accessories for Storm Storm vaporizers now, which will significantly increase the pleasure of vaporizing, and the everyday use itself will also be much easier. The best products are waiting for you here, which are made of strong materials and withstand the hardships of everyday use. We cordially invite you to buy spare parts that you can order now at very good prices.


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Universal bubbler for vaporizers cut 14 mm 420VAPE Universal bubbler for vaporizers cut 14 mm 420VAPE 2
  • -20%
zł63.20 zł79.00
1 Reviews
Universal bubbler for vaporizers cut 14 mm 420VAPE Universal filter cap for vaporizers. Glass adapter with a standard cut of 14 mm. Provides advanced filtration. It cools down the steam.
STORM portable vaporizer STORM portable vaporizer 2
3 Reviews
STORM 2.0 A portable vaporizer Handy, easy to use, at an affordable price. A perfect proposition for beginner vaporization users. It has 5 temperature settings and a replaceable battery.
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